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The Taurian Defense Force (or TDF) is the military of the Taurian Concordat. The TDF is the largest, best trained, best motivated and best equipped known military in the Periphery or Deep Periphery (excluding the Clans). However, the TDF still pales in comparison with Successor State militaries, especially with that of the neighboring Federated Suns. Indeed, Taurian history has put the Concord in a state of high alert (almost a state of paranoia). The Taurians anticipate further depredations by the Federated Suns; if not prepared, the Taurians expect the forced annexation of the Concord begun in the Reunification War to be completed.


The arrangement of the Taurian Defense Force is reminiscent to that of the Napoleonic armies, with a thirty-first century twist. Ground TDF commands are divided into corps, and spread to garrison as much territory as possible. The other branches of service are deployed as needed. This includes the naval elements, which are attached to a particular corps and deployed as demi-squadrons (or half fleets).

The Concord also has an extensive amount of special forces and paramilitary units. These include Concord Constabulary (internal security and intelligence), the Taurian Special Asteroid and Support Force (a permanent, potent garrison left in the Hyades Cluster asteroid fields), and the Colonial Marshals (frontier peace-keepers).

Though formidable, the TDF is not a Successor State army - the great reduction of Taurian territory (and population and industry) following the Reunification War has pulled most of the fangs of the Taurian Defense Force. The TDF is large by Periphery standards, but because of the large size of the Concord and distances between settlements, the TDF is spread thin. Where once the TDF had more war materiel and personnel, losses incurred during the Reunification War have (in part) prevented re-mustering of the TDF.

Strategically, the Concordat cannot afford to conduct a defensive strategy similar to that used during the Reunification War. During the Reunification War, The Concordat concentrated its defense on important worlds and leave others undefended. After the Reunification War, nearly all of the remaining border worlds of the Taurian Concordat are vital to the Concordat's survival. In the event of another Inner Sphere invasion, the TDF will be forced to withdraw again into the Hyades Cluster, or counterattack. In the case of a counterattack, the already-weakened military industrial complex of the Taurian Concordat may not be able to cope. Further, because the Taurian border worlds are of such high importance, the TDF maintains many static border deployments; a counterattack would not be possible without lowering the defenses of another, vital world.

Command Structure[edit]

Actions of the TDF are ultimately controlled by the Protector of the Realm, who is the chief Taurian policy maker for both internal and external military and political affairs. If the Protector lacks in military expertise, the Protector may delegate a Marshall. The Taurian government maintains checks and balances, and as such, the Protector's policies are subject to advisor committees and judicial review. In times of war, the Protector is allowed emergency powers which temporarily render the Protector's orders as absolute.

In times of peace, the Protector is unofficially obliged to seek the advice of the Privy Council. The Privy Council was formed from the heads of the leading families of the original Calderon expedition. Council members come from all walks of life, and may attain this office by exceptional deeds, service, or political appointment by the Protector. The Privy Council maintains expertise in many different fields, and convene monthly to make recommendations. The Protector is NOT obligated to act upon these recommendations.

The Protector's policies are enacted by a second "advisory" committee, the Ministry of Defense, which only handles matters of defense. The Ministry of Defense is staffed by civilians and military personnel, and acts as quartermaster, recruiter, and directs weapons research. The primary responsibility of the Ministry of Defense is devising and (when required) enacting contingency plans, in the event of another Inner Sphere invasion.



Rank Infantry Armor AeroSpace BattleMech
Enlisted Personnel (XO indicates non-commissioned executive officer)
Recruit soldier
Corporal 1 maniple (5 soldiers) or 1 junior specialist 1 vehicle
Section Leader 1 squad (2 maniples) or 1 senior specialist 1 maniple (2 vehicles)
Force Sergeant 1 platoon (25-30 soldiers) 1 lance (3 maniples) 1 AeroSpace Fighter
Lance Sergeant 1 command platoon (XO) 1 company (3 lances) (XO) 1 air lance (2 AeroSpace Fighters)
Battalion Chief-Sergeant or Air Chief 1 battalion (XO) 1 battalion (3 companies) (XO) 1 flight (2 air lances)
Officers (XO indicates executive officer)
Cornet or Ensign 1 company 1 company 1 wing (2 flights) 1 BattleMech
Subaltern or Air Master, Junior Grade 1 battalion 1 battalion 2 wings 1 company (12 BattleMechs)
Brigadier or Air Master, Senior Grade 1 regiment (XO) 1 regiment (XO) 1 division (3 wings) 1 battalion (4 companies)
Colonel or Space Master 1 regiment 1 regiment 1 ship 1 regiment
Comptroller or Commodore multi-world force commander multi-world force commander demi-squadron (varies) 1 regiment plus support
Marshal (rank) 1 corps 1 corps 1 corps 1 corps


Concord Army - The Army consists of line and mercenary BattleMech regiments. BattleMech assets tend to be light to medium, with frequent heavy BattleMechs and rare assault BattleMechs. BattleMech assets routinely practice in Special Task Groups; if not engaged during an invasion, STGs are trained to disengage, then strike at enemy supply lines and headquarters. Though great in theory, it is unlikely the static defense employed by the Concord would be abandoned in time of invasion. The Army also consists of line combat vehicle and infantry commands, which work well together, but when combined with BattleMech assets, quickly are relegated to cannon fodder.

Concord Navy - The Navy (c. 3025) consists of 117 Dropships and Jumpships. These assets are divided into four fleets, and each fleet is divided into another 2 demi-squadrons assigned to a Marshal. Naval personnel NCOs are typically long-term volunteers. Naval officers generally serve 4-7 years. In case of invasion, the Navy is the first line of defense. This entails massing and assaulting an invasion force as far from the Hyades Cluster as possible; this is not the tactic used by the TDF during the Reunification War. All remaining vessels would be used for home world defense or strategic redeployment.

AeroSpace Arm - The AeroSpace Arm maintains a large number of long-time volunteers. Despite this low turn-over, the AeroSpace Arm is weak, due to a lack of equipment and trained personnel. Realizing its weakness, the AeroSpace Arm is used mainly in a supporting role, and is not deployed far from home. Starting around 3000, Outworlds Alliance advisors have been helping modernize the AeroSpace Arm.

Medical Division - The Medical Division provides medical attention to soldiers wounded in the field. This care is on par with that of the Inner Sphere. Wounded soldiers are quickly retrieved from the field, either by other units in the field, or by emergency medical technicians.

Transport and Service Division - The Transport and Services Division is responsible for transportation and recovery/repairs of men and material to battle areas. All military Dropships and JumpShips are under the control of the Transport and Service Division, unless otherwise deployed with another division or corps.

Administrative Corps - The arm of the Ministry of Defense, the Administrative Corps is responsible for all administrative matters, including pay, recordkeeping, promotion, and mercenary contracts.

Propaganda Division - The Propaganda Division is tasked with disseminating information to maintain high morale within the TDF.

Special Forces[edit]

Concord Constabulary - The Concord Constabulary is a local peace-keeping and intelligence gather service. In times of war, the Constabulary is also tasked with coordinating with planetary militias - providing 2-6 battalions (600 men each) of infantry and 1 company of armor (located in the capital) of each world. Outside the Hyades Cluster, the Constabulary is also in charge of maintaining planetary defenses and fortifications, and maintains a specialist engineer company on each world.

Taurian SASF - The Taurian Special Asteroid Support Force is a voluntary formation of soldiers trained in zero-gravity combat and the use of explosives and defense laser platforms, seeded throughout the Hyades asteroid field. Chances of surviving combat for SASF troops is almost zero.

Colonial Marshals - The Colonial Marshals were mustered and tasked with maintaining law and order, mainly by the Magistracy of Canopus, but also somewhat by the Taurian Concordat. Marshals act outside of the normal logistics lines for the TDF. Similar to the Sheriffs of the nineteenth century United States "Old West", the Marshals were designated as "the law", especially in the New Colony Region (later the Fronc Reaches), maintaining peace through having the best equipment (and fasted hand). Marshals patrol new colony worlds as individuals or small groups, and were utilized mainly for the determent of crime and piracy.

Noble Family Regiments - In times of war, Taurian aristocrats are expected to raise and supply defense regiments (at their own expense). During the Reunification War, Taurian nobles raised ~20 units on worlds remaining in the Taurian Concordat. Each of these regiments numbered 1,000-3,000 conventional troops.

Units of the Taurian Defense Force[edit]

Deployment Status[edit]

In 2750 the TDF had a strength of 13 Regiments and 15 WarShips. As of 2765 they where well equipped with 21 Divisions split in (78 conventional regiments, 115 'Mech regiments), and the naval fleet had a volume of 31 vessels.[1]

BattleMech units within the TDF are divided into separate Corps, each of which "coordinate" with more conventional assets:

Active Corps[edit]

These corps are active as of 3079.[2]

Taurian Guards Corps[edit]

Main article: Taurian Guards Corps

Always considered the showcase corps of the Taurian Defense Force, the Taurian Guards Corps are the primary defenders of the Hyades Cluster.[3]

I Corps[edit]

I Corps was a Taurian Defense Force Brigade sized Military Formation originally assigned to the defense of the Taurian Concordat's border with the Capellan Confederation and later assigned to New Vandenberg. The brigade consists of three regiments of various sizes.[3]

The Taurian Defense Force expanded I Corps duties to cover the new settlements created by the formation of the New Colony Region and later to fulfill the Taurian responsibilities to the Trinity Alliance.

III Corps[edit]

The Taurian Defense Force's III Corps is primarily assigned to defend the approaches to the Hyades Cluster from both the Federated Suns and Capellan Confederation.

V Corps[edit]

Originally a Corps to which the Taurian Defense Force assigned mercenary units, V Corps is primarily assigned to defender the Taurian Concordat's northern borders against activity from Pirate's Haven and the Calderon Protectorate.

Inactive Corps[edit]

These are former corps, no longer active in the Taurian Defense Force.

II Corps[edit]

The II Corps was a military brigade command consisting of multiple-regiment forces used to defend Taurian Concordat.

Due to the Taurian Concordat's long standing hatred of House Davion, the defenders of the Federated Suns/Concordat border, the II Corps is among the most steadfast and celebrated of units within the TDF.

IV Corps[edit]

Formed in reaction to the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, the Taurian Defense Force's the IV Corps was intended to bolster the defense of the Taurian Concordat's borders with the Inner Sphere.

VI Corps[edit]

Originally the newest Corps of the Taurian Defense Force, the VI Corps was initially designated a 'catch-all' formation, dividing its forces between colonial outposts and border duty. This changed after the ascension of Grover Shraplen to the Protectorship, with VI Corps staging a rebellion and becoming the defense force of the breakaway Calderon Protectorate.

Taurian Volunteer Guard[edit]

Independent (Planetary Militias)[edit]

Each world and colony also maintains a standing army of infantry and armor, with armor assets totaling at least 1 battalion, but climbing to more than 1 regiment on very important worlds.

Military Academies[edit]

Every Taurian world can boast at least one military academy, though most are specialized in training infantry and specialists.

The Concord also maintains a large military training academies for each branch, more than any other Periphery realm. Each school can manage 500 or more cadets, and allows foreign students. Foreigners must pay for their education, and maintain better test scores; Taurian nationals are not subject to fees, but their chances of acceptance increase if an "endowment" is given to the school.

Taurian academies focus on basic theory and training, giving students a strong aptitude for strategy and tactics. After the basic training, students are allowed to specialize in any offered field, based on test results. Graduates of all nationalities are allowed to enter any Taurian command at the appropriate starter rank.

Taurian schools are far less stressful than their Inner Sphere counterparts, but given the small populations of the Periphery, the rate of burn-out must be kept low. Study at academies in Liao space is considered a benefit when given a commission.

Taurian École Militaire[edit]

The Taurian École Militaire, located on Taurus, specializes in training for ground-based units.

Taurian Naval Institute[edit]

The Taurian Naval Institute, located on New Vandenburg, specializes in training for larger Aerospace vessels. With support from the Outworlds Alliance, the Taurian Naval Institute has appreciably improved in the thirty-first century.

Concordat Aerospace Flight School[edit]

The Concordat Aerospace Flight School, located on Samantha, is the poorest of the training academies, and focuses on Aerospace flight instruction. It appears that some of this lackluster performance is based on the Taurian cadets - specifically, the Concord simply is not supplying enough, talented candidates for whatever reason. Instruction at the Concordat Aerospace Flight School has improved since the Outworlds Alliance has offered assistance.


"Undress Blues" or "Military Undress" are permitted for work. Anything presentable can be worn, so this attire is dependent upon supply.

The Standard uniform of the Concord military is a red (ground forces) or dark blue (AeroSpace forces) tunic with silver (NCOs) or gold buttons (officers), black trousers, and black lapels. Oversized field caps (or forage caps) are worn by NCOs, which match the tunic. Officers (including all MechWarriors) and special forces are allowed black berets.

(Please note: The color scheme of the tunic changed. Circa 3025, infantry wore dark green, combat vehicle crews wore green, MechWarriors wore brown, navy wore sky blue, and support wore gray.)

The Standard Field uniform is a dull-red or burgundy fatigue uniform with rank insignia on their uniform lapels. Personal gear were designed along the lines of Davion and Liao models.

The TDF Dress uniform is a very practical modification of the standard uniform. The dress uniform merely adds a sash (silver for NCOs, gold for officers) displaying awards, and white gloves for officers, white leggings for NCOs. All soldiers are allowed black berets for their dress uniform. Concordat Marshals use gold shoulder lanyards to denote rank.


Their are six tiers within both Officer and Enlisted ranks. The title of each rank pays homage to those of eighteenth-nineteenth century Great Britain and France.

Enlisted Ranks[edit]

  • Recruit - All Concord citizens are required at age 18 to begin a four-year tour in the TDF. Most recruits serve with the Infantry, on planetary militias ("provisional training battalions") specific to geographical districts distinct to each planet (these districts are called "cantons"). Recruits receive 18 weeks of basic training before being deployed. Provisional training battalions rarely do more than "litter patrol". A recruit wears a single silver ring as their rank insignia. Alt=Single silver ring of a recruit.
  • Corporal - Corporals lead infantry maniples, or serve as tank commanders. Among other services, Corporals are junior positions with specialist training. Corporals wear a silver ring with a red center. Alt=Silver ring with red center.
  • Section Leader - Section Leaders are squad leaders. In Taurian armor units, Section Leaders command a maniple. Among other services, Section Leaders are senior specialists. Section leaders wear a silver ring with a single "horn" on the left side. Alt=Section leader insignia.
  • Force Sergeant - A Force Sergeant commands a platoon, or a lance of armored vehicles. Within the Aerospace Arm, Force Sergeants are junior AeroSpace Pilots. Force Sergeants wear a silver ring with a single "horn" on the left side, but fill the ring with a red dot. Alt=Force Sergeant insignia.
  • Lance Sergeant - A Lance Sergeant commands the retinue platoon of a Cornet, or commands a company of armored vehicles under a Subaltern. In the Aerospace Arm, Lance Sergeants command an air lance. MechWarriors undergoing training receive this rank.[4] Lance Sergeants wear a silver ring with "horns" on each side. Alt=Lance Sergeant insignia.
  • Battalion Chief-Sergeant/Air Chief - Battalion Chief-Sergeants are the highest non-commissioned officers within battalions. A MechWarrior on active duty also receives this rank.[5] Air Chiefs, the equivalent rank used within the Aerospace Arm, command a flight of two air lances. A Battalion Chief-Sergeant wears a silver ring with "horns" on each side. The ring is filled with a red dot Alt=Battalion Chief Sergeant insignia.

Officer Ranks[edit]

  • Cornet/Ensigns - Cornets serve as company commanders (using Lance Sergeants to execute orders). Ensigns also serve as assistant department heads on AeroSpace vessels or wing commanders (using Air Chiefs to execute orders). In BattleMech units, all MechWarriors are officers, and therefore Cornets. Lance command falls to a senior Cornet within the unit. A Cornet wears a single gold ring as their rank insignia. Alt=Cornet rank insignia.
  • Subaltern/Air Master, Junior Grade - Subalterns are battalion commanders among Taurian ground forces, or BattleMech company commanders. Among AeroSpace forces, Air Masters, Junior Grade act as assistant commanders of air divisions (consisting of two wings). A Subaltern wears a single gold ring, filled with red, as their rank insignia. Alt=Subaltern rank insignia.
  • Brigadier/Air Master, Senior Grade - Brigadiers are regimental executive officers for ground units, or battalion commanders for BattleMech units. Air Masters, Senior Grade command an aerospace division consisting of 3 wings. A Brigadier wears a single gold ring with a "horn" on the left side as their rank insignia. Alt=Brigadier rank insignia.
  • Colonel/Space Master - Colonels are senior regimental commanders. Space Masters act as ship captains aboard Taurian naval vessels. All officers of this rank wear a full moon on each lapel. As of 3067, the rank insignia for a Colonel or Space Master is a the gold circle with horn of the Brigadier, but with a red center. Alt=TDF Colonel rank insignia.
  • Comptroller/Commodore - Commodores command demi-squadrons, a collection of naval vessels assembled to accomplish a mission. Comptrollers command sections of a corps, and integrated regiments that have permanently-assigned supporting units. The Comptroller's rank insignia is a stylized bull's head created from a gold ring and two golden horns pointing upward. Alt=Comptroller rank insignia.
  • Marshal - Each TDF corps is commanded by a Marshal. The commanding officer of the Taurian Guard is also a marshal, the Senior Marshal, a rank generally held by the Protector of the Realm. The TDF Marshal wears the stylized bull's head of a Comptroller, but the gold ring is filled with a red dot. Alt=TDF Marshal's rank insignia.



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