Valdis Kevlavic

Valdis Kevlavic (b. ???? - d. 3025?) was a Kuritan MechWarrior stationed on the occupied planet Verthandi during the closing years of the Third Succession War.


Colonel Kevlavic was described as a large man with blond hair. He had a scar on the right side of his face that pulled his mouth into a lopsided grin.[1] He carried out the orders of Governor-General Masayoshi Nagumo, no matter how brutal they were or how many native Verthandians were killed.

An Object Lesson[edit]

Responding to reports that rebels were using the community of Mountain Vista as a staging point, Kevlavic demolished most of the village with his BattleMech. He did not discriminate between possible rebels and innocent civilians, and made a grisly example of a would-be sniper by crushing him underneath the foot of his Marauder.[2]

Hunter's Cape[edit]

When Governor Nagumo directed Kevlavic to investigate an inbound DropShip making an unscheduled supplies delivery, neither man knew that it was in fact a mercenary vessel operated by the Gray Death Legion.[3] Once alerted to its true purpose, Kevlavic tracked its descent over the Silvan Basin, and took a group of 'Mechs and Galleon tanks to seize the damaged spacecraft at Hunter's Cape. Kevlavic's force encountered fierce resistance from the Gray Death and a band of rebels led by Tollen Brasednewic; the Kuritans lost four Galleon tanks and two light 'Mechs. Rather than risk more losses, Kevlavic ordered a retreat.[4]

Ambush at Regis University[edit]

The Kuritan plan to surprise and destroy the "Free Verthandi Rangers" as they approached the walls of Regis University included a battalion of 'Mechs from Kevlavic's command, the Third Strike Regiment. Despite having the advantage in terms of weaponry and experienced troops, the Kuritans were caught off-balance by the arrival of the Gray Death's BattleMechs. Grayson Carlyle's force inflicted severe damage to Kevlavic's unit, leaving at least six BattleMechs destroyed or useful only for scrap parts. Despite the damage, Nagumo ordered Kevlavic to track down the surviving rebels; he was expecting a visit from Duke Hassid Ricol shortly, and wanted to report at least some progress to his lord.[5]

The Fox Island Encounter[edit]

When the existence of the rebel base at Fox Island was discovered, a DEST commando team was deployed to attack it. Supporting the DEST force was a detachment of 'Mechs under Kevlavic's command. Once Fox Island was secured, they set up an ambush for the returning rebel 'Mechs led by Grayson Carlyle. A warning from the fatally-injured Jaleg Yorulis allowed the rebel force to avoid the trap, and to circle around the area.[6] Valdis Kevlavic realised that his ambush was not working, and went into the jungle after the fleeing rebel column with his command lance. While he engaged the Shadow Hawk piloted by Grayson Carlyle and a pair of converted civilian 'Mechs, Kevlavic still suffered damage to his Marauder and lost a Phoenix Hawk from his lance. Without clear knowledge of the rebels' strength, he decided to disengage.[7]

The Clash at Blackjack[edit]

As the Kuritans' control over Verthandi began to slip, Governor Nagumo drew up a plan to lure the rebels into another ambush, playing on their recent attacks on Kuritan supply depots. Nagumo had a new storage dump established near the settlement of Blackjack, and when the rebels raided it, Colonel Kevlavic and his men were waiting. When they sprang their trap, the Locust piloted by Lori Kalmar was disabled, and she had to abandon her machine.[8] As Carlyle tried - unsuccessfully - to rescue Lori Kalmar, he was confronted by Kevlavic's Marauder. He scored a serious hit against the 'Mech's cockpit with his LRM launcher before being forced to withdraw.[9] The LRM strike to his BattleMech left Kevlavic badly wounded. He was confined to hospital following the amputation of his arm.[10]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Valdis Kevlavic's final status is never confirmed.


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