Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Vincent


The Vandenberg was a Vincent-class corvette which served in the Taurian Concordat black water navy as the TCW Vandenberg prior to and during the Reunification War.[1]

When the Star League Defense Force launched its final assault on the Hyades Cluster in the closing stages of the Reunification War the TCW Vandenberg was missed,[1] having avoided or survived the destruction of the remainder of the Concordat WarShip fleet and the death of the commanding officer of the navy, Marshal David Santos, in the Montour system in 2587;[2] the Vandenberg was hidden within the Hyades Nebula, and would remain there for almost five hundred years.[1]

Rendered almost completely inoperable and in no way battleworthy, the Vandenberg remained potentially one of the greatest treasures of the Taurian Defense Force during the Succession Wars, and in the mid-thirty-first century the creation of the Trinity Alliance between the Capellan Confederation, the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat gave rise to the hope that the Vandenberg could be restored to working order.[1]

Engineers from the Confederation began making repairs to the Vandenberg during the time of the Trinity Alliance, and remained hopeful that she could be restored to working order; however, while as late as 3064 the Concordat was still devoting funding to the restoration of the Vandenberg, she remained in a dire condition and the funds being spent represented a dire drain on the TDF budget. The work required was extensive; the Vandenberg needed to be completely rewired, her weapons needed to be upgraded, the drive needed to be overhauled and the armor - irradiated and brittle - needed to be replaced.[1]

Such was the extent of the work required that by 3064 many in the Concordat navy had begun referring to the Vandenberg as the TCW Albatross,[1] and there was no indication that the Vandenberg had been restored to order by 3079.[3]


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