Vandenberg White Wings


The Vandenberg White Wings mythology concerns a legendary story about squadrons of unidentified white-painted AeroSpace Fighters escorting twenty Star League-era transports that mysteriously appeared, and subsequently vanished, in Capellan Confederation space near the Periphery border. [1]

The story is often associated with other legendary tales of the returning SLDF such the Minnesota Tribe and the Disappearing Battleship of Merope[1], but ComStar attributed the origin of the story as a corrupted and garbled retelling of the Tripitz Affair. [2]

In common with a number of other myths that surrounded what was a mysterious unit at the time, during the era between the appearance of Wolf's Dragoons in the Inner Sphere and the Clan Invasion, Wolf's Dragoons were also linked to the Vandernberg White Wings by some observers. The connection revolved around a particular pilot in the Dragoons, Lieutenant William "Trigger" Fitch. Fitch piloted a Centurion AeroSpace fighter as a part of Hoff's Company and later the Dragoons Home Guard, and as of 3030 was accredited with eleven aerospace fighter kills and four BattleMech kills. Fitch's helmet was emblazoned with a pair of white dove wings, which some took as proof that he was linked to the Vandenberg White Wings.[3]


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