Vargo Burkenya

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Character History[edit]

Vargo Burkenya (b. ???? - d. 2769) was a member of the Rim Worlds Army during the Star League era. Burkenya had reached the rank of Colonel when Stefan Amaris launched Operation APOTHEOSIS on the 27th of December 2766; following Amaris' successful coup, Burkenya became the local Republican commander on the former Terran Hegemony world of Zebebelgenubi.[1]

Ulsop Robotics of Zebebelgenubi was the key developer of the Space Defense System in use in many of the former Hegemony systems, and securing control of these networks had been a key objective for the Rim Worlds Republic forces during APOTHEOSIS. Despite this, the Republicans had only managed to gain full control of six networks; Amaris knew that the networks would be key to defending his new realm when the inevitable reprisal from General Aleksandr Kerensky, and when Amaris learned of the role Ulsop Robotics played he made the training of loyal Republican SDS operators on Zebebelgenubi a priority.[1]

Burkenya was the local commander on the ground when resistance fighters on Zebebelgenubi began attempting to disrupt the Republican training going on within the Ulsop Robotics facilities. When a resistance operation resulted in a fire within the training facilities that killed forty trainees and injured over a hundred more, Burkenya retaliated by executing five hundred Ulsop Robotics technicians and researchers. While this effectively halted the ability of Ulsop Robotics to train new operators, the Republicans already had enough operators and trainers trained to not need external assistance; despite this, Burkenya would continue to execute technicians and researchers at the rate of five Ulsop Robotics personnel for every Republican killed by the resistance. Burkenya's retaliatory executions would continue for two years, up until he and his command staff were ambushed and killed by partisan snipers.[1]


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