Varnoff Fetladral

Varnoff Fetladral
Affiliation Steel Wolves
Galaxy Commander

Varnoff Fetladral (born ???? - died ????) was a high ranking trueborn officer of the Steel Wolves. He was a Star Colonel in the Galaxy, commanding the primary BattleMech cluster. He was a crafty, politically minded man in the clan.


He was behind the opposition to Anastasia Kerensky's methods of command. He became Galaxy Commander of remains of the Steel Wolves on Galatea in 3135 when Anastasia decided to break the unit up and become a mercenary. He led two clusters of warriors, including the majority of the Wolves' aerospace assets into going back to conquering worlds for Clan Wolf. He began isolating fellow Star Colonel Xera's loyalists from her so as to consolidate power for himself.

In October of 3136, his forces caught up with Kerensky's Wolf Hunters. She offered a trial of warriors between them to end the fighting. He accepted publicly, but told his officers to prepare to attack, saying that he was not going to honor their trial and would not tell her about it. Star Colonel Xera learned of these false promises of Zellbrigen. Varnoff accepted and informed his loyal officers that he intended on betraying her and prepare to destroy her and her unit. Xera discovered this and confronted him via radio. He admitted that he intended not to honor the request for the trial. Xera broadcast the entire conversation proving his oaths and trials were based on treachery, showing proof that he did not honor every bargain he made. This led to his ousting from the Steel Wolves on New Canton.