Vega Republic Standing Guard

Vega Republic Standing Guard.jpg
Vega Republic Standing Guard
Unit Profile (as of 3133)
Parent Formation Republic Standing Guard

The Vega Republic Standing Guard were the militia unit formed by the Republic of the Sphere to defend Vega from outside aggression.


In March 3133 elements of the Amaterasu attacked Vega in an attempt to bring the world back under the banner of the Draconis Combine. Fortunately the Vega Republic Standing Guard put up an unexpectedly stiff resistance and forced the invading force into retreat.[1] The loss of their command structure, however, snapped their loyalty to the Republic and the members of the Standing Guard rapidly deserted and joined various gangs on Vega.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Vega Republic Standing Guard
Legate Francis Nguyen 3129 - 3133[2]


Like most Republic Standing Guard units, the Vega RSG was very familiar with their homeworld's terrain and could easily hide from enemy forces or discover hidden enemy forces. They weren't as skilled as some line units and thus often lost initiative to their foes.[2]

Composition History[edit]



As they are familiar with Vega, they could deploy up to 75% of their forces using Hidden Units rules. When looking for enemy hidden units they received a +2 bonus on their rolls. Since they weren't as well drilled as a front-line unit, the Vega RSG suffered a -1 penalty on all initiative rolls. If a scenario calls for a designated command unit, and that unit was destroyed, the Vega RSG suffered an additional -1 initiative penalty for the next four turns while the officers regained control of the unit.[2]


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