Vehicular Dual Turret


Vehicular Dual Turret (or Dual Turrets (Vehicular)) is a piece of equipment that is available to both ground and naval Combat & support vehicles. The Dual Turrets allows designers setup a vehicle to have multi-weapons mounted in two seperate, allowing to split a vehicle's weapon fire with great fire arc.

The two turrets configuration are mounted to the forward and to the rear of the vehicle, which are designated as Forward Turret (FT) and Rear Turret (RT). As part their construction, forward turret is unable to aim to rear of vehicle. While the rear turret is elevator higher than for Forward turret, giving it 360 degree turning arc.[1]

Originally developed in Pre-Spaceflight Era[2], the Dual Turret was considered Experimental Technology until 3080, when they would become commonly produced equipment for various Inner Sphere and Clan factions.[3]

Game Rules[edit]

Dual Turrets are only available for Ground and Naval type Combat & Support Vehicles. Vehicles using this configuration of turrets uses the standard vehicle rules regarding turrets exception that forward turret cannot fire in the rear arc. While the Rear turret is able to fire in any arc the player chooses. Both turrets are considered to be separate hit locations and have their own separate armor and internal structure locations. Rear turret is able to fire in any arc the player chooses.

When receiving a hit to a turret location, the attacker must roll 1D6 and apply -2 modifiers for hits through the forward arch. When hitting in through the vehicle's rear arc apply a -2 modifier instead. This roll is to determine which turret is struck by the shot. A roll with modifier 3 or less results in the forward turret being hit, while 4 or higher hits the rear turret due to elevated location. Any critical rolled will be applied to the turret and its equipment assigned to it.[1]

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