Vernon Cherenkov

Vernon Cherenkov
Affiliation House Cherenkov

Character History[edit]

Vernon Cherenkov (b. ???? - d. ????) was a MechWarrior and an officer in the Free Worlds League Military during the early thirty-first century. When the Fourth Marik Militia was rebuilt in or around 3021 from parts salvaged from the remains of those units that had followed Anton Marik during the Marik Civil War and materiel captured from the Capellan Confederation during a deep raid on Nanking by the Sixth Marik Militia Cherenkov was appointed Commanding Officer of the newly rebuilt regiment.[1]

The command wasn't perhaps the honor it might have seemed; the Fourth's personnel were largely a mix of raw Academy cadets and malcontents and misfits that Duncan Marik wanted to be rid of. Marik also loathed Cherenkov, and was horrified when the newly-raised unit chose to take up the regimental number of the Fourth, a unit which had been lost while launching a heroic attempt to lift the siege on Berenson in 2840.[1]

When appointed to command the Fourth Cherenkov was a veteran Archer pilot, known for causing mayhem on the battlefield. He was also a devotee of the study of medicine - an interest he furthered by dissecting dead opponents on the battlefield. This practice made Cherenkov distinctly unpopular, and while his tactical competence and piloting skills were never in doubt, as of 3025 it was uncertain whether his "personality quirks" to become an effective leader.[1]


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