Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The JumpShip Vespucci was in service with Interstellar Expeditions as the IES Vespucci in the late thirty-first century. In May 3094 the Vespucci was operating in the region of the Inner Sphere claimed by Clan Hell's Horses when it became the unfortunate victim of the harshest reaction from the Hell's Horses that Interstellar Expeditions had seen up until that point in time.[1]

In common with other encounters between Interstellar Expeditions and the Hell's Horses, the contact began with an inspection of the Vespucci by Hell's Horses forces; in this case, the senior Hell's Horses warrior declared after inspecting the DropShip containing the Vespucci's security team that the military equipment aboard the DropShip was "unsuitable for members of the scientist caste." The Hell's Horses then made the security team the subject of a Trial of Annihilation, killing them all - and then the nearby Hell's Horses ships fired on and destroyed each of the DropShips attached to the Vespucci. The Vespucci herself was left intact, although by this point two scientists attached to the mission had also been killed.[1]


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