Vickers Mining

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Vickers Mining is a mining company in the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: ViMin

Home Office: Hollers, Derf

President/CEO: Barbara Ewards


Vickers Mining is the major mining firm in the Trellshire Province of the Lyran Commonwealth. They have operations on more than 40 worlds, moons, and asteroids. Their specialization is the extraction of rare minerals and they have an impeccable safety record. One member of the Vickers family, Tamra Vickers, would join the SLDF and later help Nicholas Kerensky found the Clans.[2]

In 3025, Vickers was counting on the performance of the Wotan Mole-T5 tunnel-borer by Wotan Mining Systems to assist its performance in airless conditions. However, due to the borer's failure, the Vickers operation on the second moon of Apollo was placed in jeopardy. Unless Vickers was willing to work in less-than-safe conditions, a company not as concerned with safety would win the mining contract.


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