Victoria Academy of Arms and Technology

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The academy is the newest addition to the CCAF academies and is closely linked with the Shengli Arms factory. This manifests in a focus primarily on technical studies in contrast to lower ranked MOS. The students who will become technicans have access to the facilities of the factory.[1]

In 3079 the Victoria Academy of Arms and Technology was unique in that it had more technicians enrolled that it did students in the various combat disciplines.[2] Nevertheless the BattleMech, Aerospace Fighter, and Armor crews trained here are valued members of the CCAF.


The academy demands a great knowledge about technical matters even from its military cadets. The normal students is a test subject how have the task to break the new developed equipment for further improvement (this test lead to a number of deaths). Some students receive for their excellent studies and test a new vehicle, fresh from the drawing board.[1]

Special Notes[edit]

The Prefectorate Guard is also stationed at this planet and have the opportunity to take the finest graduates from the institute.[1]


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