Vince Silver


Commanding officer of Silver's Slayers, Vince Silver is the lead protagonist in the adventure "Royalty and Rogues". Born in the Outworlds Alliance, he was orphaned at age five and adopted by a merc unit at aged 12. By age 20, he commanded his own company, which abandoned his sponsoring merc unit at age 22, which, over time, led to the current situation. Since falling in love with Samantha Davion-Harland, he is rethinking his life and is planning to re-launch as a full mercenary unit.[1]

His mercenary/pirate unit (mostly pirate, currently) has a total strength of two companies (as of 3056), one of which defends their base on Antallos, while the other is off-planet raiding. Only the details of the First Company are listed in the adventure.

Silver's Slayers[2][edit]

Silver's Slayers First Company[edit]

Vince's Lance[edit]

Second Lance[edit]

Hunting Lance[edit]

Silver's Slayers Second Company[edit]

Details unknown


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