Vinson Pharmaceuticals

Vinson Pharmaceuticals is a publicly-traded pharmaceutical and medical supply company in the Federated Suns. It is headquartered in Kiverson City on Torrence. Its New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol is VnPh.[1][2]


Vinson Pharmaceuticals is composed of three different subsidiaries. Vinson Pharmaceuticals produces medicine and conducts research to discover new cures. Vinson Health Services runs hospitals and clinics, and is the largest such provider in the Federated Suns. The third subsidiary, General Synergy Medical Systems, engineers and builds medical equipment, including scanners and diagnostic equipment.[2]


In 3025, Vinson Pharmaceuticals, led by President and CEO Baroness Marth Terenson, felt threatened by Torrence's newly-installed socialist government. The company feared being nationalized, so they sought individuals from outside of Torrence to invest. The goal was to have at least forty percent of the company owned by off-world interests, a threshold that would mean they could not be nationalized. In the early 3020s, Vinson acquired a reputation for being able to isolate the healing agents in folk remedies, such as herbal teas. The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns was a customer, purchasing Vinson's inexpensive painkillers.[1]

In the end, Vinson flexed its political muscle. Rather than take the chance that the company would be taken over by the government of Torrence, they were able to convince First Prince Hanse Davion to remove the socialists from power and replace them with a government more amenable to Vinson's point of view.[2]

In 3067, the CEO of Vinson was Dr. Viktoria Mwene.[2]


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