Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Tramp


The Vortex was a Tramp-class JumpShip operated by the mysterious mercenary unit known as the Star Seeds. While the origin of the Space Seeds was an enigma, the Vortex was previously registered with ComStar and apparently lost at the Titan Yards near Terra before appearing with the Star Seeds when the unit registered with the MRBC in June 3068. One of the Star Seed's two DropShips, the Model 96 Elephant-class Syssiphus was also a former ComStar vessel registered at the Titan Yards. The Star Seeds refused to comment on the origin of the unit or their equipment.[1]

The Vortex was still in service with the Star Seeds until at least the end of 3071, transporting both the Syssiphus and the Star Seed's second DropShip, the Condor-class Black Feather.[1]


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