Wakamiya Salvage Destroyer
Production information
Manufacturer Draconis Combine
Use Missions
  • Naval Combat Ship
  • Artillery Fire Support
  • Mobile HQ
  • MASH Unit
  • Drone Control Ship
  • Maritime Vehicle Carrier
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Chassis Type (Size) Naval (Large, Template E)
Equipment Rating D/E-F-F
Introduced Age of War era
Technical specifications
Mass 50,500 Tons
Cruise Speed 54 km/h
Flank Speed 86 km/h
Power Plant Fusion
Fuel (Type/Range) Unlimited
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
Fire Control System Advanced Fire Control
Turret(s) 3
Armament 6 x PPC
6 x LRM 20s
3 x Long Tom
10 x Machine Guns
5 x LR Torpedo 20
4 x SR Torpedo 6
4 x Fluid Guns
Heat Sinks 60
Fitted Equipment Types
Armor Heavy Industrial Armor
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 10
Crew Total: 174
  • 27 Officers
  • 38 Enlisted
  • 75 Gunners
BV (2.0) 48,028[1]


The Wakamiya-class Salvage Destroyer is an early multipurpose naval vessel designed by the Draconis Combine to support and defend worlds which have large oceans. Introduced in the early years of the Combine, the vessel was originally intended to support the Combine's exploration efforts. In later centuries, the ship would remain in service and become the nation's premiere surface naval vessel. As a central command vessel, the ship could coordinate a world's global fleet of ships. The design's capabilities also allow for it to assist non-combat activities such as; underwater mining, acting as a cargo transport for global needs, and as a surveillance command ship using its powerful communication gear and its compliment of a dozen drone-type vehicles. Worlds which have been assigned a Wakamiya rarely have more than two of the vessel. The ship also can act as a mothership for a number of large and small surface and submersible vehicles.[2]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

A solidly built Naval Support Vehicle, the ship's armored hull is protected by 98.5 tons of Industrial Grade Armor, giving it ample defense. The Wakamiya is powered by a fusion engine, giving it considerable speed for a ship of its size. Also intended for dual usage with civilian support units, the ship has a number of extra capacities normal ships would not usually have. The Wakamiya is equipped with four lifthoists, which are found in pairs on both sides of its front arcs. Fluid Guns are also fitted to its hull, which can be used for a number of things, such as firefighting. The Fluid guns draws their ammunition from the ship's onboard liquid storage tanks. These tanks can be replenished by the ship's eight Fluid Suction Systems located across its hull.[2]

As a combatant, the Wakamiya is well armed with an assortment of anti-surface and artillery weaponry. These weapons are found in its three turrets. The ship's three Long Tom Artillery Pieces are fitted in Turret 2. The guns are supplied with 180 rounds of ammunition. Mounted in Turret 1 are four of the ship's six LRM-20 launchers, with two additional launchers found in Turret 9, the rear turret; twenty-four tons of LRM reloads are split between the launchers. The ship's energy batteries consist of six PPCs, which were split into pairs and mounted each of the ship's three turrets. The ship has an array of torpedo launchers enabling it to strike underwater craft as well surface units.[3] Of the ship's five twenty-tube long-range torpedo launchers, four cover the forward firing arc while the last protects the rear, an arrangement mirrored by its four six-tube short-range torpedo launchers with three covering the forward arc. A total of twenty-one tons of long-range and five tons of short-range torpedoes are carried. Point defense is handled by four Machine Guns mounted in the front and pairs of the guns found in all other ship's firing arcs, with three and a half tons of ammo split between them. All of the ship's weaponry are guided by the Wakamiya's Advanced Fire Control system, which gives it precise accuracy.[2]

The Wakamiya can also field an assortment of supporting vehicles from its large helipad in the rear and number of large vehicle bays capable of deploying surface and submersible combat vehicles. The underwater super-heavy bays typically carry the ship's submarine escorts, while small watercraft or hovercraft are deployed from the heavy bays and the ship's VTOL compliment carried in the light bays. Drones can be launched from the ship via either the vehicle bays or helipad, with the ship capable of handling upward of twelve drones using its Drone Control System. These drones give the ship the ability to gather intelligence or conduct other tasks needed for its commanding officer and staff. The ship's eight tons of communication equipment also gives it the ability to communicate with nearby satellites, coordinate with allies, and provide electronic warfare coverage. The ship has a considerable capacity to act as a mobile hospital with its seven MASH surgical theaters.[2]

Sixty steerage quarters and three Field Kitchens provide for the crew of over a hundred and seventy officers and enlisted personnel. In case of emergency, the ship also carries sixty-two maritime lifeboats.[2]


  • Liguid Cargo (1,820 tons) - 1 Door (Rear)
  • Refrigerated Cargo (2,610 tons)
  • Cargo Bay (11,530.5 tons) - 2 Doors (Front Right and Left)
  • Super-Heavy Vehicle Bay (4) (800 ton Capacity each) - 2 Doors (Front)
  • Heavy Vehicle Bay (8) (800 ton Capacity each) - 3 Doors (Front, Front Left and Right)
  • Light Vehicle Bay (16) (800 Ton Capacity each) - 2 Doors (Front Left and Right, Rear)


As of this writing, the Wakamiya Salvage Destroyer is not listed in the Catalyst Game Lab's Master Unit List.


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