Wakazashi 0-12 ShotStun

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Wakazashi 0-12 Shockgun.


The Wakazashi O-12 ShotStun 177 is a type of hybrid Shockgun typically used in the Draconis Combine by its civilian law enforcement agencies. Resembling a blocky, traditional shotgun, the Wakazashi O-12's unique feature is its co-axially mounted stun baton. Designed similarly to retractable bayonets or stilettos, the stun baton allows the user to inflict non-lethal attacks on a target. Typically, this weapon is standard issue for Riot Infantry when they are deployed in special operations.[1]


Specification for ATOW RPG Game[edit]

Item: Wakazashi O-12 ShotStun 177
Equipment Rating: D/C-C-C/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 2B/5BS
Range: 5/11/22/45 meters
Power Points per Shot: 8
Cost: ?
Affiliation: DC
Mass: 5.2 kg
Notes: Burst 3; Recoil -1; Including Stunstick[2]

Specification for Total Warfare Construction Rules[edit]

Infantry Weapon Type: Small Arms
Tech (Rating): IS (D)
Class/Type (Damage Type): Small / Standard (B)
Base Range: 0
Damage (Each): .35
Weight of Weapon/Ammo(Shots): 5.2 kg / 0.2 kg (10/3)
Crew: 1[3]


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