Walter Martindale

Walter Martindale (2??? - 2868?) was the last Khan of Clan Mongoose. He is notorious for the incident that resulted in the demise of his Clan.

The Jaguar Consumes the Mongoose[edit]

Mitchell Loris, the first Khan and founder of Clan Mongoose, was an insidious political schemer. One of his successors, Walter Martindale, learned from Loris that manipulating other Clans and the Grand Council, and ruthlessly striking at the enemy when they least expected it, had the potential to bring Clan Mongoose great power and resources.

Circa 2844, Martindale ordered his Touman to conduct a raid on Clan Smoke Jaguar; however, Martindale badly underestimated his enemy's fighting skill and resolve, and as a result the Mongoose raiders were decimated. The Smoke Jaguars then came before the Grand Council and openly accused the Mongooses of cowardly and unethical behavior in carrying out such an unprovoked attack. Khan Martindale responded by demanding a vote of censure against the Jaguars. The manner in which Martindale defended himself and his Clan is now regarded as one of the most notorious examples of utter stupidity, not to mention heresy, in the annals of Clan history:

Khan Walter Martindale cited the words of the Founder of the Clans, Nicholas Kerensky, in defense of a cowardly and dishonorable action.

Instead, one of the Council members motioned to censure Martindale and declare him unfit of ruling as a Khan. Furthermore, since Clan Mongoose's leadership was wanton and lacking, the rest of the Clan's assets would have to be reassigned to someone worthy. A Trial of Absorption was called for, and the furious Jaguars were given the right to exact revenge upon Martindale and the Mongooses for their fatal misjudgement.

In the ensuing Trial, the Jaguars once again soundly defeated the Mongooses on the battlefield. It is presumed Walter Martindale was killed during the battle.

Since the victorious Jaguars regarded the bloodnames and genetic legacies of Clan Mongoose as worthless[1], Clan Cloud Cobra stepped forward and offered to take those Mongoose Warrior Caste assets, consisting of 70 genetic legacies and 11 associated bloodnames. With this final act, Clan Mongoose ceased to exist.



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Preceded by
Khan of Clan Mongoose
28?? – 2868[2]

Succeeded by
None (Clan Absorbed)