Wars of Reaving (event)

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  • December 3067 [1]
    The Grand Council debates renewing of the invasion after hearing about the collapse of the 2nd Star League, with Brett Andrews calling for a new ilKhan before the campaigns starts again. Nominees are Khan Garrett Sainze (Fire Mandrill), Khan Andrews (Steel Viper), and Khan Stanislov N’Buta (Star Adder) => no clear winner => Snow Raven failed with their attempt to convince the Council to use the situation for invasion.
  • On Tiber [2]: Wolf and Horses fight for planetary dominance => 82nd Mechanized Cavalry Clusters battle the Red Keshik => The Wolves used dezgra tactics and the Horses (65th Mechanized Strike Clusters, 229th Mechanized Strike Clusters, 53rd BattleMech Clusters and 85th BattleMech Cluster) crushed the Keshik and secured Tiber.
  • 17 December 3067 [3] - Nouveaux Paris: Clan Star Adder surprised the Horses in the system. The Horses make a deal with the Adders. To keep the base secret the Horses lose Hoard and the base could be used by the Adder's Upsilon Galaxy for further deep space exploration.


  • 3068 - Rasalhague: Hell's Horses assault the planet to get better information about the conditions in the Inner Sphere. The Trial had two part first all information from the Ghost Bear and further the cargo of several Dropships with new technology. The 91st Mechanized Assault Cluster (Epsilon Galaxy) won both engagements. The Horses make a deal with the Snow Ravens afterwards. In exchange for Bearclaw they received a mobile shipyard [4]
  • 3068 Snow Raven avenged the lost Ship: White Cloud with the raids on Enif, Galedon, and Tabayama. The Outworld support the operation with their 1st Alliance Air Wing and the 2nd Long Road Legion.
  • 3068 York - Because Blood Spirits lost the Elemental Facility 4 to the Star Adders. The Spirits won the entire Raven Zeta Galaxy and also aerospace sibkos. The new troops recapture the plant. A warship of the Adders was destroyed (CSA Constantineau by the CSR Snowflake) during the delivery.
  • Clan Ice Hellion make secret agreements with Clan Hell's Horses after noticing the preparations made by them. The Horses launched harvest trials against the Hellion on Hoards [5]. Also, on Tranquil, Alpha Galaxy (11th Mechanized Cluster + 22nd Mechanized Clusters vs. 1st Wolf Regulars + Green Keshik, as reserve 12th Wolf Regulars + 13th Wolf Regulars + 2nd Wolf Cavalry + 5th Wolf Cavalry) [6] captured a large portion from the Wolves. These actions started to distract the other clans from their other preparations. The Wolf regained much of their lost territory until the beginning of 3069.


  • Clan Hell's Horses were forced to leave Tranquil because they lost too many warriors in the ongoing campaign, further two other Horse planets were assaulted by the Fire Mandrill for opportunistic matters. They had recently acquired the 45th Striker Irregulars + 7th Hector Cavaliers defended Niles and Kirin. [7]
  • Kirin: Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline assault the world with the 32nd Vanguard Cluster + 4th Elemental Assault Force Cluster + 27th Vanguard Clusters. They could securing Kirin Mechworks but the response arrived by the Horses’ Delta Galaxy [8]. The Mandrill were repelled from the planet.
  • Niles: Kindraa Sainze + Mick-Kreese-Kline invaded the world. The defense lay in the hands of elements from the Eta Galaxy (HH). The defenders were overwhelmed after several days of combat by the invaders [9]. Beta Galaxy from the Horses arrived as reinforcement and recaptured the enclave with 4 clusters. As per usual, internal rivalry broke out, but it was calmed by the Loremaster Cassandra Faraday. The material was divided between the Kindraas in exchange for political support. Most of it was further gained by Kindraa Sainze via trials. Sainze developed the electrical armor.
  • Clan Coyote try to use the growing differences in the interclan relations of the Mandrills to their best effect. The Mandrill overall Khan delayed the developments massive, but the isolated Kindraa Mattila-Carrol were ready to get support from outside. As a result the Coyote gets material of the new armor, a portion of Shadow with the scientist facilities of former Mandrills and losing only a few sibkos. The Kindras increased its roster with the new recruits and had also 2 Cluster of new ProtoMechs. [10] The reaction of the remaining Clans was foreseeable. A coalition of Kindraas (Mick-Kreese-Kline + Sainze+ Faraday-Tanaga) tried to force the Coyote off Shadow, but the 4 Cluster strong garrison force defended their new gains fiercely. After several weeks of combat, the attacking Mandrills were forced to give up in light of the horrendous losses. [11] The Kindraa Payne-Beyl-Grant chose a separate way and began a series of raids against the Coyotes in late 3069. Targets were Shadow and Foster (main target: Savage Coyote facility). Over Shadow a naval engagement took place after the CFM Reaver (a Sovetskii Soyuz-class Heavy Cruiser) exchanged shots with the Coyote vessel Windrunner (Essex-class Destroyer). That action was enough for the Coyotes. The Kindraa lost two cluster (17th Auxiliary Cluster + 1st Striker Payne Cluster) in the fight on the surface. [12]
  • Lum: The planet saw two large naval battles in short time. First the Star Adder make a Trial for the space surrounding the planet which was defended by the Lum Garrison Fleet. The reason for the assault was the interference on York during the delivery of the Zeta Galaxy to the Blood Spirits. The Adders came to punish the Ravens. Both sides suffer serious losses and the Adders retreat. The Goliath Scorpions came close after them to the planet. The Scorpions also declared a Trial of Possession for the yards. The wounded Ravens answered with full force. After an accident, the attackers destroyed the Blood Talon at the yards. The defenders lost all assets within three days of fighting with the Scorpions. The Scorpions used the opportunity to their fullest advantage. All valuable resources were relocated to Scorpion territory. The Raven leaders were enraged about the events, but failed with their attempt to blame the Scorpions to use devastating tactics against critical assets in their opinion. The Grand Council did not follow the demands of the Ravens. [13]
  • Ramora: A radical sect (Omnis) wounded the Raven further with their successful destruction of the Swift Wind Naval Star of Ramora at the beginning of 3069. [14]
  • York: The Blood Spirits used the situation at the planet, when the Adders relocate most of their assets for the strike at the ravens. [15]. The clan leader assaulted Arcadia with the Blood Keshik with support of Omicron Galaxy. The defense was light. The Spirits could capture some important industrial facilities on the planet. They used the time to get most of the material back to their three planets (York + Haven + Honor). With the new strength, the Spirits attacked the Adders on York immediately. The defending Adders retreat back to on last enclave on the planet. [16]
    Ravens in the Outworld Alliance: The high command of the Ravens sought revenge for their fallen comrades over Dante and Ramora. The Clan chose to strike at the neighboring Draconis Combine. In short order several systems (Valentina, Budingen, Weisau, Schirmeckwere and Galedon) were captured, stripped of their valuable assets, and cleaned from military presence. The Raven show their cold-bloodedness when the Storm Crow Naval Pursuit Star killed over sixty percent of the planetary population. [17] The Ravens took several thousands of Combine citizens as isorla, but unknown to them, several of the prisoners were infected with a highly effective bio weapon. The crews of three Clan WarShips were also contaminated. The remaining two vessels destroyed them. Those two ships carried out the cleansing of Dante after the get knowledge of the true terrorists which destroyed the WarShips of Ramora. [18] Both situations forced the Outworlds Alliance into negotiations with the Ravens for a deeper cooperation.
  • August 3069 - Tanis System:The Ice Hellion tried to sneak in the system using the guise of being a merchant needing repairs. Unknown to them at that time was that their arrival point was a sign to the defending forces that the purported merchants were actually raiders. The Hellions get the attention of the Adders who noticed the unusual high troops movement between the different Clan holdings. The Adders determined that some troops were being relocated to an unknown place. That was the opportunity for the Adders to exploit the weakened defense. [19]. In reaction, the Adders give the responsibility of the defense of York to Rho Galaxy. The Galaxy had two options: hold the line or die trying. The leaders used the freed troops to place them near under-defended Hellion holdings. The Spirits noticed the shift in the strategic orientation. To the surprise of the Adders, the Spirits assaulted Albion. [20]
  • Albion: The Spirits get a foothold after they defeated the 343rd Adder Sentinels. The advancing Galaxies (Alpha + Iota) secured the local Chryasor plant. Another casualty of the fights were the 87th Dragoons Cluster. [21]
  • Furthermore used the Spirits the string of victories to get another valuable production plant from the Steel Vipers on Arcadia. The Alpha Galaxy was victorious over the defending Viper force (57th Striker Cluster). [22]
  • Clan Diamond Shark had chosen to relocate most of their assets to the Inner Sphere. In preparation for such a bold move they started several plans. Elite units were transferred to Itabaiana, Twycross and Reef (a secret recharge station with a repair facility near the Chainelane Isles. [23]
  • Marshall: The ongoing rivalry between the Steel Vipers and the Jade Falcons found a new high in the battle between the 2nd Falcon Velites and the Viper Fusiliers (Beta Galaxy) on the planet. The Falcons were seriously beaten by the Vipers. The defenders then called the remaining units into battle, and for artillery strikes at the position of the Fusiliers. The horrendous casualties forced the Vipers to retreat. That small engagement was the reason why the Viper Khans demanded an apology from the Falcons for the use of dishonorable Inner Sphere tactics, but the Council decided in favor of the Falcons. [24]
  • Strana Mechty:The Steel Vipers were not satisfied with the outcome and used the time of the Ceremony on November, 5th to accuse the Falcons that they became doomed as a result of their behavior/actions. The Falcons allowed Freeborns to get influential position or that they chose inferior IS troops as test for the fighting strength of their own troops. The vote was once more against the Vipers but showed as surprise that even enemies had the same opinions about that issue. The Khans took the matters in their own hands.
  • Ironhold: The Vipers Alpha Galaxy with WarShip support started their invasion immediately at Ironhold. The defending Falcon assets (naval and ground forces) were annihilated. The Falcons lost the 12th Talon, Zeta Solahma Cluster and also the Emerald Talon Assault Star. [25]
  • Marshall: The planet was under attack of the Vipers Beta Galaxy and the 5 to 1 outnumbered Second Falcon Velites were destroyed to the last machine. [26]
  • Eden: The invasion of this world was granted to Gamma Galaxy. Both defending Falcon forces (1st Falcon Dragoons + 3rd Falcon Velites) were no real match for them. [27]
  • Huntress: The former Smoke Jaguar homeworld was defended by the 3rd Falcon Dragoons and Falcon’s Eyrie. The advancing 93rd Assault Cluster from the Vipers could win the enclaves for the Vipers after several engagements. [28]
  • Tokasha + Gatekeeper + Barcella + Glory: The invading Vipers forces secured the falcon holdings after bitter fought battles. The only remaining Falcon assets was on Lum and Strana Mechty. [29]


  • Lum: The Vipers started their assault to repel the last Falcon forces from the Homeworlds once and for all. The Vipers Alpha Galaxy in support of the Naval Reserve destroyed the 74th Battle Cluster on the surface. Furthermore, three Falcon vessels (Gauntlet + Ironhold Provider + Blue Aerie) were destroyed in the initial space battle. [30]
  • Strana Mechty: The Grand Council gather another time because the Steel Viper would discuss the dishonorable actions of the Ravens in the Inner Sphere. The vote was not in favor of the Vipers, but they retained the desire to punish the Ravens nevertheless. The "Snake Alliance" was born: Clan Star Adder, Cloud Cobra and Steel Viper agreed to start a coordinated attack against the clan holding of the Ravens.
  • The Vipers selected to fight engagements on Brim, Hellgate and Bearclaw. Elements of the Gamma Galaxy secured on Brim all Raven holdings. On Bearclaw they could conquer an important manufacturing site.
  • The Cobras meet the Ravens on Brim and Hellgate. The local Raven defense for the assets was fierce, but with the support of additional Adder naval forces, the Cobras won three single Trials with in a month (1 DropShip facility, 1 BattleMech factory and 1 Bloodname legacy.) The fight on Hellgate had already started when the Cobras arrived and chose to fight for the recently conquered Viper holdings. The Vipers give their best, but that was not enough and they lost. [31]
  • The Adders failed with their assault on Bearclaw but where successful on Circe in contrast.
  • The Fire Mandrills exploited the chaotic situation for themselves. The Blood Spirits made them an offer: in exchange for the support of the Albion assault of the Spirits the Mandrills would get half of the one assets. The Spirits had decided to support their allies with that actions. On Huntress the Adders were surprised by the attack of the local Mandrill forces who were successful. On Albion the fight took another road. The Cobras supported the Adders in the defense. During the battle the Roc facility of the Spirits was destroyed. The battered Kindraa retreated from Huntress with all forces to reinforce their remaining holdings. Another Kindraa, Mick-Kline-Kreese, saw the opportunity to gain territory, relocate forces to Albion to support the Spirits. The Adders considered that case as a breach of zellbrigen (honor rules). From the three landing clusters two were destroyed (23d Air Assault Force Cluster + 32nd Vanguard Battle Clusters) and the last (Eleventh Battle Force Cluster) heavily damaged. [32]
The Diamond Sharks used the event for several agreements with the Kindraa Sainze. The Shark acquired JumpShips and DropShips. The Kindraa on the other side the holding on Barcella as well as a large delivery of military hardware. [33]
  • The Delta Galaxy of the Cobras were ordered to take the fight back to the Mandrills. On Brim the command secured all holding, because on Arcadia the Sainze’s 53rd Assault Cluster suffer heavy losses in the defense of the ProtoMech facility. The facility was destroyed in the aftermath. [34]
  • Strana Mechty: The Raven called the Grand Council because the secret dealings of the Diamond Sharks with the Federated Suns. The Council could not agree to punish the Diamond Sharks, the only action was to instruct the Sharks not to take part in such dealings in the future. The Snake Alliance then agreed once more to unleash their fury against another IS clan. [35]
  • Clan Star Adder started a blitzkrieg at Barcella, which was successful against the few Shark forces on world.
  • Clan Steel Viper targeted three planets (Babylon + Paxon + Strato Domingo) with three Galaxies (Gamma + Beta + Delta). The defending Sharks forced the Vipers under heavy losses to exhaust their resources in the fighting. [36] The Sharks lost the Black Diamond Naval Star to the Vipers over Strana Mechty. The new naval assets then jumped further to Lum where the Ravens had been waiting for a year. The defending WarShips of the Ravens (Brim Naval Assault Star + Circe Battle Star) suffer to the advancing Vipers. The victorious Viper landed two Galaxies (Alpha + Omega) on the world to extract valuable assets. The Ravens returned once more to avenge their fallen brothers but failed in their attempt. [37]
  • Clan Coyote kept quiet and used the fights between the other clans for their own purposes. The Clan received, from the slowly retreating Hell's Horses, the enclaves on Kirin and Tiber. The Hellions on Londerholm paid a high price for the weak defenses against the attacking Coyotes. Eager to make another such agreement as before, Diamond Shark and Snow Ravens trade territory for support and cargo capacity. On Hellgate the Viper were surprised by the presence of Coyote troops. The Viper tried to beat them but failed. On Hellgate, trials were fought between the Ravens and the Coyotes, the latter supporting the Star Adders, so the Coyotes could gain additional troops by Harvest trials. In the end the Coyotes had harvested 4 Cluster (Diamond Sharks - 27th Combined Strike Cluster, Snow Raven - 44th Cruiser Cluster + two sibko training cluster) and expanded their territory seriously. [38]
  • Clan Blood Spirit consolidated their gains and obtained a new one in late 3070 from the Raven at Albion and Arcadia (3071) [39]. The Sharks transferred Barcella to the Mandrills. As longtime allies the Spirits relocated the Omega Galaxy. The following battle with the neighboring Ice Hellions was fierce. [40]. The transfer of Raven territory on Circe and Barcella get unnoticed by the other Clans. [41].


  • The Star Adders were satisfied with the extraction of the Diamond Sharks from the Homeworlds. The attention shift back to the fight with the Ravens. The Adder start an attempt to conquer Circe. Three Galaxies of Spirit troops (Zeta + Sigma + Omega) await them on the surface. The fight between the two sides were interrupted by the arrival of a Mick-Kline-Kreese task force. The landing of the Mandrill were an welcome event to attack with full force. The initial fighting saw the destruction of the last remaining Raven forces (7th Raven Regulars + 2nd Raven Garrison Cluster) [42] at clan space. The Spirits lost material which once fielded two galaxies.
  • Clan Ice Hellion sought an opportunity to assault the Inner Sphere by their own. The leaders selected Nouveaux Paris as the best choice to relocate most of their troops a step the further to the IS. But Horses established a few years ago a base at that world. The trial for the planet was decide with an arm wrestling contest. The Horses won. The following talks between the two sides has as result the invasion of the clan held territory in the IS. The Horses sought revenge against the Wolves and the Hellions could select underdefended Falcon worlds. [43]
  • The Hell's Horses started their invasion with assaults on three planets (Nyserta, Oberon IV, and Paulus Prime) which were all defended by cluster from the the Wolfs Omega Galaxy. The 2nd Wolf Guards Grenadiers Cluster on Nyserta fought several week against the advancing 72nd Mechanized Cavalry Cluster. The few surviving elements retreated deeper into the WOZ. [44] The trial for Oberon IV was an easy won challenge by the Horse Khan. [45] Paulus Prime was the target for the recently created Omega Galaxy. Like before the fight didn't last long. The Horses was once more victorious. With an foothold in the WOZ the Horses held 4 Galaxies in reserve (Epsilon + Zeta + Eta + Iota) for the expected fights at the homeworlds. [46] The Horses handed territory over to the Star Adders and Coyotes with the goal to increase the defense capabilities with the freed troops. Theta Galaxy was relocated to the Inner Sphere to bolster the offensive strength of the clan. The next wave saw fighting on several planets (Manaringaine, Elissa, Ferris, The Rock, Drask’s Den + Crellacor + Gustrell + Placidia + Sigurd + Blackstone + Butte Hold) which were underdefended. The Horses secured their gains under minimal losses. [47]
  • The 3rd Wave of the Invasion saw fighting on Steelton, New Caledonia, Star’s End and Outpost: The 13th Mechanized Strike Cluster beat the 13th Wolf Regulars on Steelton after fierce battle. On New Caledonia the Beta Galaxy’s Command Trinary meet 33rd Wolf Champions Cluster in combat. The Champions fight for 3 days before retreating. On Star's end the 333rd Mechanized Cluster get the 1st Wolf Garrison Cluster off guard. Only one third of the Cluster were in the shape to get offworld after the fight. On Outpost the defending First Wolf Hussars Cluster were not prepared to fight the overwhelming Horses. The Hussars did not survive because they do not retreat. The following months more planets were conquered like Skallevol, Icar, Chateau and The Edge. [48]
  • The event in the Inner Sphere affected also the politics at the Homeworlds. The lose of the main body of the Alpha Galaxy and another Galaxy to the Horses led the Wolves to an agreement with Coyotes. The Coyotes transfer one entire Galaxy (Omicron), transport assets (5 Stars) and several sibkos (10) in exchange for territory, 2 WarShips (the Provider + Relentless Pursuit) and 50 aerospace fighters. With that support in their back the Wolves were prepared for the next Grand Council meeting in 3071 [49]
  • Strana Mechty: During the meeting of the Council the Wolves revealed the catastrophic results of the nuclear attack at Tamar. The Clan leaders were enraged by such a cowardly act. The Fire Mandrill Khan was elected by the Council as new Ilkhan, because the weaker Home Clans feared the might of the Snake Alliance. The Scorpions were not satisfied and issued a Trial of Refusal for the outcome of the vote. The trial took place on Shadow. The two equal forces fight for 72 hours, were the Scorpion won. The Mandrills lost many good warriors (Kindraa Command Trinary + 3rd Sainze Honor Guard + 53rd Assault Cluster + 14th Sainze Rear Guard Battle Clusters). The victory was secured only under horrendous losses (23rd Scorpion Cuirassiers + 6th Scorpion Hussar Cluster were destroyed). [50] The Ghost Bears chose to abandon the Homeworlds for their new home within the Inner Sphere. The Raven and Wolves followed them shortly after that. The Raven had difficulties coming to an agreement with the Alliance. The situation was further poisoned by the sneak attack in the Dante system. It took the desperate Clan another year before they had calmed the situation with reparation. [51].
  • The Kindraa Sainze was assimilated by the now superior Kindraa Mick-Kline-Kreese. [52] The Cloud Cobra tried to eliminate the tainted Bloodname from the clans. The 149th Cobra Guards lost to the Mandrills on Shadow. [53]
  • The Horses used the situation by the Wolf to start two more waves. The first saw heavy fighting on Kirchbach (Alpha Keshik + Alpha Galaxy) and also Verthandi (Beta Galaxy). The losses on both sides were serious. [54]. Furthermore Rodigo was secured by Omega Galaxy and Delta Galaxy won the fights for New Oslo. [55]. The exhausted Wolves lost ten more worlds (Chateau + Csesztreg + Lovinac + Alleghe + St. John + Bruben + Svelvik + Balsta + New Bergen + Hermagor) to the Horses during the campaign. [56]. The Falcons showed the Horses by the assault of the Steelton, where the 71st Mechanized Cavalry was nearly wiped out by the successful 1st Falcon Hussars[57].
  • Strana Mechty: In April the 1st Wolf Lancers Cluster extracted all genetic Wolves legacies from the planet. The attempt to stop the event came too late by the Clans. That action enrage warriors of several Clans which erased the facility. The following fights in berserker rage were unexpected by the Khans. The local Ebon Keshik could calm situation after several hours. The Wolves were abjured but that were ignored by the Khans. The decision was challenge by the Coyotes how beat the forces of Scorpion and Vipers equal. [58]
  • A coalition of three Clans (Blood Spirits + Steel Vipers + Cloud Cobras) started short after the events on Strana Mechty assaults on several former Wolves holdings (Tranquil + Dagda + Glory + Eden + Grant’s Station). [59]
  • On Glory the retreating 12th Wolf Regulars were protected by the Coyotes’ Delta Galaxy. The assaulting Viper's Gamma Galaxy was unprepared by the presence of the Coyotes.
  • The Cobras command their 99th Battle Cluster to secure the enclave on Dagda but had a difficult time to remove the 4 stars of defenders because of the conditions of the battle. After several days the battle was aborted with the arrival of fresh 42nd Crimson Vanguard Cluster of the Spirits. The following three way fight ended with the destruction of the fighting place. Only two star of the Cobras survived.
  • On Eden the battle was fought in larger scale. The invading Viper brought 3 clusters (Fifth Legion, Fourth Fang + 141st Phalanx) with them. The 12th Wolf Regulars, how had fought earlier at Eden, used their mobility to fight the Vipers over the entire planet. The Coyotes were on the planet to with the 27th Strike Cluster. The coordinated defense cost the Viper half of the initial fighting strength. The Blood Spirits starting their own assault a few weeks later. The Coyotes leaked the information about the whereabouts of the remaining Wolves to them. The first raids was a disaster. The lost warrior of the 66th Blood were Hussars put in front of their comrades, which enraged them further. The Spirits charged with full force and annihilated the defenders. [60]
  • Grant’s Station was the target for the Viper's Alpha Galaxy. The defending Wolves inflict heavy damage on them. The fight continued for three days before the Wolves extracted themselves to meet the new arrived Scorpion's Mu Galaxy. The exhausted Vipers attacked the Scorpions immediately but failed. The Scorpion forced the Vipers of world. The future of the wolf enclave was decided in single duels, because the Scorpions honored the way of the Wolves. [61]
  • Tranquil was the last bastion of Clan Wolf in the Homeworlds. 4 different Clans tried to conquer them but failed. The fights between themselves help the Wolves too. The defenders were stronger then expected because the lower caste member get weapons from a Brian Cache(4 cluster worth). [62]
  • Clan Ice Hellion start their invasion of the Jade Falcon Occupation zone with their entire WarShip assets and also 5 Galaxies (Alpha + Beta + Delta + Zeta + Zeta Prime). The Hellions formed two task forces: the first (Alpha + Delta + Zeta Prime) target the manufacturing capabilities of the Falcons and the second (Beta + Zeta) where tasked with the protection of the flanks. The 1st Task Force captured 4 planets (Golandrinas + Winfield + Persistence + Wotan) with ease. The planets were underdefended, only on Winfield the Hellions meet serious resistance in shape of the Elements from the 51st Garrison Cluster. The 2nd Taskforce secured 5 planets (Anywhere + Somerset + Erewhon + Bone Norman + Lackhove). The fight for Bone Norman was fierce, because the 11th Provisional Garrison Cluster held the line against the invaders. The important naval facilities at Dark Nebula could also be won after little resistance by the Falcons. [63]. The Falcons took the fight back to the Hellions when they started their counterassault on three planets (Bone Norman + Golandrinas + Wotan) with 2 Galaxies (Alpha + Gamma). The Hellions tried to make a further assault to stop the Falcon but failed. The Falcon Guards recaptured Bone Norman. Steelton changed hands without a fight by an agreement with the advancing Hell's Horses. The retreating Falcon troops hit the Hellions once more at Seiduts. The Horses were opportunistic. The Wolf lost three worlds (Liezen + Harvest + Planting) but the Horses paid a high price. Taskforce one began another series of invasion, which brought them 4 more planets (Derf + Trell I + Romulus,+ Maxie’s Planet). The Falcons react with counterassault. Some troops were relocated to repel the Falcons another time like the 40th Hellion Lancers on Wotan. On Derf the fighting was devastating for the defenders. The entire Seventh Solahma Cluster was wiped out by the Hellion naval forces. The continued fighting on Wotan was fierce. The infrastructure on the planet was important for the success of the Hellion campaign. Outnumbered two to one the Falcons 78th PGC denied the Hellions their success. [64] Somerset saw the involvement of the naval elements from both Clans. [65]. The next Hellion wave hit Evciler, Bensinger, Botany Bay, Von Strang’s World and Apollo.
  • On Evciler the Hellions (Alpha + Zeta) meet the Falcons Alpha. After an accident the Hellions go cracy. The Falcons Had no other choice but to leave. [66]
  • Wotan get once more the battleground for the two Clans. The Falcons had reinforced the 87th PGC by the 8th Falcon Regulars. The Hellions' Zeta Galaxy had difficulties trying to pin those two units into place.
  • Bensinger was defended by the 10th Talon. The advancing Beta Galaxy of Clan Ice Hellion for them offworld, because they were heavily outnumbered.
  • Steel saw the only engagement between the Hell's Horses and the Ice Hellions. The naval elements of both sides fight with out mercy. That happen also on the surface of the planet. Two cluster (21st Mechanized Assault Cluster + 22nd Mechanized Assault Cluster) faced the Hellions Delta Galaxy. The Horses retreat after several days of combat off world. [67]
  • Erewhon saw fighting of the Falcons Alpha Galaxy with Hellion forces. The world was liberated.
  • The Ice Hellion lost important material to the Falcon by bad luck. The falcon could resupply their troops and turned the tide of the campaign in their favor. The Hellions get two more planets (Last Chance + Lackhove) by Beta but must retreat from Steelton with the arrival of new Falcon troops (1st Falcon Jaegers + 5th Battle Cluster). [68] Hellion's Zeta captured Gotterdammerung and Here. But on both planets now valuable material was found for the clan.
  • The situation on Wotan turned worse, because the frustrated Hellions bombarded helpless civilians. That was the event for the falcon to fight the Hellion with sheer ferocity. On Lackhove the Falcon's Gamma Galaxy beat the Hellions Beta Galaxy merciless. [69]
  • The Wolves established strong defenses on the planets Ferleiten, Ridderkerk and Zoetermeer. Also all world between them. The Horses tried to break them but failed with three invasion (on Ridderkerk + Basiliano + Hohenems). Two units (Ninety-ninth Mechanized Cavalry + 666th Mechanized Assault Cluster) established landing zones on Ridderkerk and Basiliano but not more. [70]
  • The Ghost Bears showed the Wolves their strength with the string of victories for several planets (Balsta + Hermagor + Dawn). [71].
  • The Falcon leader started secret talks with the Horses and reached an agreement. That includes to turn the Horses against the Hellions. The situation for the Horses improved because they get new planets without fighting. The Falcon in contrast saved fighting power. The Wolves used the situation to get some lost planets (Basiliano + Hohenems + Mozirje + Feltre + Unzmarktback). The Horses captured 4 planets from the Hellions (Von Strang’s World + Bensinger + Apollo + Toland). [72]
  • The Horses Theta Galaxy destroyed 176th Attack Cluster on Bensinger. [73]
  • Heavy naval elements of the Horses forced the Hellions’ Zeta Galaxy from Apollo to Evciler. [74]
  • The two WarShips of the Horses let the Hellion vessel in the Toland-system no change. The some faith meet the 121st Hellion Lancers on the surface. [75]
  • Strana Mechty: The Grand Council meet another time. The purpose was to talk about the Refusal and if it longer legitimate. The vote was against the Crusader. The Council voted the Steel Viper Khan Brett Andrews as new Ilkhan. He declared that all IS clans and the warriors with legacy of warrior how fought in the IS were tainted with corruption. The Shark Khan was killed when he opposed the new Ilkhan. [76]
  • A few days after that fateful Council meeting the Wolfs landed two harvest cluster at the Kerensky Blood Chapel. Within a few hours the watch operator erased all material of the great founder and its line with the goal to deny the other clans the access to them. Warriors from the clans react on their own and fight broke out for the legacy of the Kerensky. The event was the catalyst for the chaos which erupted. All other Inner Sphere based Clans retreat under fire back to their awaiting Dropship. Most get offworld. The riots and fights continued for several days because every clan called to annihilated the bloodnames of their enemies. Even civilians took up arms to defend the honor of their respective clans. [77]
  • The chapels of most Inner Sphere (Jade Falcon + Ghost Bear + Snow Ravens) clans were destroyed in short order until mid December. [78]
  • The Steel Vipers were eager to prove their superiority when they try to reave the Pershaw bloodname. But the trial ended for the Viper horrible. Because the Kael Pershaw killed a high ranking Viper warrior in a circle of equals with a hidden arm laser prosthesis. The Viper ordered their warship into geosynchronous orbit. Then the unbelievable happen: Orbital bombardment. The enclave was erased from the surface.[79]
  • [80] The exclusive Horses Bloodnames of Fletcher and Amirault became the target of combined Scorpion and Cobra attacks. The complex saw massive destruction on the ground and later was complete destroyed by air strikes from Cobra fighters. [81]
  • The Fire Mandrills tried to get their part of glorious battle to. They assaulted 2 chapels related to the Snow Ravens. But the defense were heavier then expected. The commander of the ground forces order his supporting WarShip to destroy the sites via orbital strikes. A few broadsides went off target and to important chapels of the Scorpions and Adders were destroyed to. [82]
  • The Mick-Kreese-Kline-Sainze Kindraa were the reaving target for both clans (Scorpions and Coyote) because the Ilkhan had decided with the use of orbital strikes at a genetics repository, a crime equal to the Not-Named Clan, the taint had spread. [83]
  • The planetary capital was heavily devastated by the raging fire from missed naval shots of the WarShips. [84]
  • The Star Adders followed the orders of the new Ilkhan and destroyed all HPG links to the Inner Sphere. [85]
  • On Arcadia, the last bastion of the Ghost Bears within the Homeworlds, the Fire Mandrills tried to reave to ghost bear related bloodlines. The defending Silver Root Keshik supported by the 4th Bear Regulars destroyed the invaders to the last man. [86]
  • The Blood Spirits used the chaos to strike at the enclave of their mortal enemies, the Star Adders. The fight cost the Adders dearly when the saKhan was killed by ProtoMechs of the Spirits. [87]
  • The Hellion territory on the planet saw fighting between Cloud Cobras and Snow Raven. The defending Hellions were defeated also. [88]
  • The fighting spread out to three (Hoard + Glory + Paxon) former Wolfes holdings now under control of the Coyotes. Several clans (Star Adders + Goliath Scorpions + Fire Mandrills + Blood Spirits) combine their resources to start assault on these planets. Glory was assaulted by a taskforce which contains Scorpion and Mandrill units. [89] The defending 120th Strike Cluster was broken because the charismatic commander was killed in combat. The advancing 14th Scorpion Grenadiers together with the 61st Firestorm Cluster destroyed the command to the last machine. The enclave was equally divided between the 2 clans. Paxon saw fighting during the end of December when the Spirits send their Scarlet Guards to the planet. The fight between the Guards and the 49th Battle Cluster of the Coyotes lead to a disaster. Both forces took their fight to a Diamond Shark settlement. The civilian casualties were high (several hundreds). Alerted and enraged the nearly stationed 83rd Combined Strike Cluster avenged the fallen clan members. The Coyote discover that the now empty Shark base could be used to resupply the exhausted unit. The 83rd retreat back to the city, where they armed the civilians. The newly arrived 8th Cruiser Cluster reinforced the sharks defenders. A head hunter mission was successful, which cost the Coyotes their commander. But now the outraged Coyotes destroyed the units completely. The Spirits were also heavily beaten and only a few stars could retreat off world. [90]
  • The Spirits gather enough force to start their invasion of the rest of Arcadia. The Ghost Bear on that world ignored the offer of the Spirits. The situation getting worse when a Spirit WarShip destroyed an unarmed civilian jumpships. The Ghost Bear destroyed the ship as response to such action. On boards of the warship was the Khan of the Spirits mortaly wounded. The Ghost Bear satisfied with the result retreat back to their new home: the Inner Sphere. [91]


  • The Hellion saw more destruction in the begin months of the year from the combined might of the Falcons and the Horses.
    • Vanta was conquered by the Hellions Alpha Galaxy. [92] But the Clans lost territory to the advancing Falcons. Romulus was liberated by two Falcon units (Alpha + Delta) and the Falcon lost Seiduts once more to the desperated Zeta Prime Galaxy. The Hell's Horses arrived with their Theta Galaxy at that planet. The retreating Hellion get back to Vantaa to reinforce the units on the ground. The Hellions lost to the Falcons Alpha Galaxy two planets (Derf + Winfield) and to the Horses Theta Galaxy 5 worlds (Last Chance + Botany Bay + Gotterdammerung + Lackhove + Here). Several Hellion units were destroyed in that progress (3rd Hector Cavaliers - Gotterdammerung, 53rd Striker Irregulars - Romulus, 150th Hellion Lancers - Romulus). The hellions remaining 3 planets (Vantaa + Dark Nebula + Evciler) were taking with overwhelming forces. [93] Evciler was invade by three Falcon Galaxies (Alpha + Delta + Gamma). The defending Hellion's Delta Galaxy was destroyed by them. Dark Nebula was retaken with one Galaxy (Delta - Falcon, Theta - Horses) from both clans. The naval engagement took not place, because hegira was granted to the Hellions and their entire force in the occupation zone. The Hellions Beta galaxy retreat under the condions of the agreement. The Horses added to their territory two more planets (Winfield + Seiduts). The last remaining secure world for the Hellion was Vantaa, but that changed with the arrival of three Galaxies of the allies (Alpha + Gamma - Falcons, Iota - Horses) and their warship support. The Hellions Alpha Galaxy meet the two Falcon units. But with their half fighting strength stood no change against such odds, the same situaion happen by the battle between the Zeta Prime and the Iota Galaxy of the Horses. In an desperated attempt to turn the tide of the fight a Hellion warship unleashed it firepower to the surfarce. The causalties among the Horses were serious but the responded with a fury unknown to the Hellion. Only a few Hellion warrior survived long enougth to retreat with the remaining force back into the deep periphery. [94]
  • On Shadow the Kindraa Mick-Kline-Kreese-Sainze waited to be punished for their actions on Strana Mechty (Orbital Bombartment of an genetical repository) by the Steel Vipers (Sixty-first Strike Cluster) and the Goliath Scorpions (2nd Eridani Lancers). But the onworld Coyote wasted no time. Even outnumbered, the Coyotes carried the days, because they deployed unknown technology and weapons against the Mandrills. [95]. The Coyotes used the cermony of the surrender of Mandrills as a trap for the allied Scorpions and Vipers. The unarmed Mandrills were excecuted to the last men. After that the hidden Coyote Lambda Galaxy assaulted the to other Clusters. The equipment was integrated into the touman. [96] The society had made their first move. Then Ironhold get the next target. A small group of jumpship unload their cargo upon the world. The unidentify force annihilated the entire Omicron Galaxy of the Steel Viper. [97]
  • The Tanis system was the next target. The Upsilon Galaxy of the Star Adders were infiltrated by elements of The Society. The members of the Galaxy had two choices: accept the new situatio or to die. The defending Warships were also destroyed in that progress to. The society, with the help of the Coyotes, secured a few more worlds (Babylon + Circe + Dagda + Huntress). The only real fight took place on Babylon were the advancing society forces meet the Alpha Galaxy of the Diamond Sharks. The elite unit could extract themselves from that closing trap only under serious loses. [98] The society lead their bandit allies that they do the dirty work. On several world (New Kent + Vinton + Arcadia + Hoard + Tokasha + Grant’s Station) important infrastruture was destroyed or seriously damaged by that suicide attacks. [99] The situation in the Homeworlds getting worse with the start of riots at Strana Mechty and other planets to. The efforts to calm the situation were without effect because the HPG network went down by manipulation from technicans. [100]
  • The Scorpions tried to use the chaos to the porpuse when they dropped 2 units at Brim. The invaders were surprised by the presence of society units. The following fight saw the destruction of both forces with only a few surviving Scorpions. The commander ordered his Warphip into orbit to oliberated a city of 2 millions people. Because he think that the base of the sept were there located. [101] The Star Adder ordered their 178th Adder Sentinels to hold the rage of the Scorpions. The Adder won but were beaten by a large force of society troops.
  • The Cloud Cobras arrived at Niles with their Omicron Galaxy to carry the order of the Ilkhan out. The defending 412th Mechanized Strike Cluster retreat under heavy loses, but the Cobras 512th Guards suffer also serious damage. The true was only temporary. In absence of the 412th Mechanized Strike Cluster the Cobra could finish their job and take a hugh stockpile of material to resupply 5 Clusters. [102]
  • The Jade Falcon touman suffer horrendous loses from an unknown bioweapon engineered by the clan scientista to wipe out all warriors. Wotan saw the death of nearly 1 million inhabitents under them the defending 1st Swoop Cluster. [103] The situation went more chaotic with the breakdown of several HPG by the use of an unknown virus.
  • The other Clans substain equal loses by the raids of unknown forces. [104]
  • The scientist Etienne used his cluster sized force on Waldorff to captured the main repository and taking several millions civilians hostage. [105] The response of the Falcon was swift. Three Cluster of Alpha Galaxy killed the rebells with an commando action and the evidence of the blame was lay to accuse the Scientist Caste. [106] The situation on Parakoila was different. The uprising was annihilated under the orbital strike from an Warship, because the Watch had discover that the Scientist had develope a bioweapon.
  • On Huntress the Cobra and Scorpion has the order to destroy all bloodlines on that planet. After a short engagement with Dark Caste member the large facility was destroyed through orbital strikes. The arrival of Coyotes via an pirate jump point take the other clan by surprise. On the surfarce the 14th Scorpion Hussars were attacks from the suvivors of the bandits. The cobras supported their allies and also the 55th Cuirassiers were landed. The Coyotes used their new weapons with great effect against one allied warship. The allies used the capital weapons to destroy a large portion of the coyotes but it was to late. The last remaining warship was also destroyed. The system get under quarantine when an virus broke out with over 2 million casaulties. [107]
  • The unknown force which raided the colonies and station along the Exodus Road was the Burrock clan. They Burrocks jumped to Salonika and find their a Diamond Shark supply convoi. Largely outnumbered the following naval engagement saw the destruction of the small fleet. The position of the convoi was transmitted to the main fleet in the Tanis system. The Burrock arrived shortly after they get the message. Now the Sharks were outnumbered. The Sharks lost all naval asset and the Burrocks secured over 40 jumpships. [108]
  • The Raven gather a last large convoi at Ghent system. The Adders and the Vipers get noticed of that actions. A taskforce which compromised several warship locate the position of the Ravens convoy. The Steel Viper took the lead in the following battle. The defending Hellgate Battle Star had difficults to destroy the invaders. With the newly arrived Adders part of the taskforce the fate of the Ravens was decided. All military forces of the Raven were destroyed. The Clans divided their booty equal. [109]
  • The Star Adder had problems to coordinated their defence efforts without an functional HPG network. The Adder enclave on several worlds (Albion + Dagda + Hoard + Marshall + Priori) were lost when Coyote/Bandit units attacked them. Only defended by Cluster sized units they stood no change to survive. Mean while the Adder gather their strength at Sheridan. [110]
  • The Adder decide to show their enemies their strength and selected the Spirits on York a worthy target. The Adders jumped in the system, pushed all space defender by side, then the remaining ground forces were evacuate offworld. The Spirits were surprised but then a 22 day long orbital bombartment start. The goal was clear. The Spirits should be annihilated. The Spirits lost several cluster to that strikes. [111]
  • The Viper went to New Kent with the goal to help the Coyotes on that world. The coyote leader accude the Ilkhan to failed in his duty to protect the Clans from outer/inner threats. The following trial was short lived and the Ilkhan had won. The Snake Alliance discover that the Hellion had left large stockpiles of material unprotected. That was the reason of the Absorbtion trial against the Hellions. [112].New Kent and Londerholm were captured with overwhelming forces. The resistance to the invaders was strong at New Kent because the society had troops on the ground. The two Galaxies (Beta + Gamma) of the Vipers inflict heavy damage to the defending Coyote forces to (27th Strike Cluster + 44th Battle Clusters + 195th Striker Cluster). The Alpha Galaxy of the Vipers secured their targets (Atreus + Hoard + Foster) with minimal loses. The remaining Coyote forces on Foster (7th Reserve Battle Clusters + 8th Reserve Battle Clusters) set a trap for the units of the Alpha Newt Cluster. The unit was destroyed but the other Cluster of Alpha Galaxy the Coyotes to the last warrior. ref> Wars of Reaving p.106</ref>
  • With the evidence delivert by the Viper Watch the Ilkhan decided that all dark caste or society should be killed by sighting. [113]
  • The Jade Falcon react with sheer brutality of the chaos create by the scientists. Many members were killed by the watch. On several world within the occupation zone revolts broke out. But those was quickly calmed by the local garrision force. [114]
  • The remaining Hellion holding get the attention of the neighbouring Clans. On Thatis the Coyotes and Diamond Sharks won both their trial of position for the unprotected war materials. The situation on Huntress was similar. The defending trinary was overwhelmed by the machines of the society. [115]. The Society continued their conquest of enclave, which were not strong enougth, on Huntress with the same success as before. The fight for Barcella saw the involvement of the Spirits and the Fire Mandrill, later the Vipers to. The Viper secured large parts of the planet. The Spirits and Fire Mandrills retreat before them. The Society landed also troops on the planet. The fight was with out a clear winner. Both forces reinforced their defenses. [116] The Society were also successful on Hector and Marshall, even when the Fire Mandrills tried to use the abonned territory for them self they were catched by the invading bandits. [117] The soldiers ending as test objects for the society or joined the ranks of the dark caste.
  • The remaining trueborn warriors of the Hellions gathered on Hector to decide the future of their Clans. The council saw that they had lost the main part of their touman in the failed invasion of the Inner Sphere. The communication with the other enclaves were broken down because the technical difficults with the HPG network. The Hellions could muster a few trinaries from the retreated forces and with the arrival of the survivors from the Inner Sphere the clan counted nearly two cluster for defense. [118]
  • The invasion of Hellgate by the Steel Vipers came as an surprise to the Coyotes in the system. The following naval battle saw the destruction of most of the Coyote assets. Only two ships could retreat. The Steel Viper send the 2nd Viper Guards from Alpha Galaxy to get further information abbout the situation on the planet. [119] The scouting force were attacked immediately of former Raven warrior which turned bandit. They used underhand tactics. The Viper suffer serious loses and retreat back to their breachhead. The unit called their supporting Warship into orbit for planetary bombardment. The strikes of the capital weapons killed thousands of civilians over several days. [120]
  • The Star Adder send a small fleet to get further information about the Tanis system, because the regulars updates doesn't arrive. The fleet was attack by the Burrocks, but one Jumpship could get the information back to the Adder Khans. The Khans decide to reinforce their depleted naval assets with reactivation of mothballed vessel near the Homeworlds. The Dark Caste were at the depot when the taskforce arrived to get the vessel back into adder service. The battle saw the destruction of all bandits ships under the lose of one own ship. The adders abonned the depot an destroyed all vessels because they lacked the resources to reactivate them in time. [121]


  • The revolt of the Scientist in the Falcon occupation continued and was taken to a new level. A virus create an entire blackout of most world. Furthermore many merchant jumpships had technical difficults to. The falcons tried to compensate the situation with trials for foreign clan scientist. But the numbers wer to small in contrast to the large mass execution of their own scientist member by the watch operators. [122]
  • The continued black out in the Homeworld was the opportunity for the Steel Vipers to gather a large taskforce to liberated their holding and to annex other territory to when possible. The taskfore include 4 warships and 3 Galaxies (Alpha + Beta + Delta).
  • Grant's Station was their first target. The fleet arrived in system without any resistance. Elements of Delta were attacke by the approach to the planet. The suvivor, reunit with their clan told the story how a galaxy sized bandit caste force conquered the territory. The remaining forces landed on the planet. The battle was short lived. The Vipers discover the horrifiec situation. THousand had died by slave work or were slain witou any meaning. The Khans decided to clean up the enclaves. Then a illness breakout. All human how showed evidence of the sikness were killed immedately. [123]
  • Marshall was next on the the list. The Vipers discover that the ongoing fight had wreckage the entire eco system and further more all valuable assets were destroyed. The Vipers decided that the world should be abonnend. Atreus were the next waystation. [124]
  • The Star Adder held a council to discuss how to react about situation of the Tanis worlds and with that the reapperance of the Burrocks. The mayority vote that all former Burrock must prove their loyality by anothe trial. Every one how falled should be strip of his ranks or annihilated. The Adders get the information to the Cloud Cobras and to talk about the future politics about the topic. The Adders feared the might of the Vipers. [125]
  • The Hells Horses tasked their watch with the goal to detect all possible society cells within the clan and the to use minimal force to destroy that threat. The analysis of the scientist protocolls that some of the research programms were transfered to the Falcon but that information was keep secret for several months with the goal not to indanger the legacy of their bloodnames further. [126]
  • The Wolfes were captured by surprise when the Scientist assaulted the HQ of the Iota Galaxy at Zoetermeer. The first cell was killed immedatly but another could retreat back to the Falcon world of Denizli. The Wolfves followed the traitors with their 17th Wolf Regulars. The units suffer serious loses by the defending Falcons. A few weeks later the defending unit was annihilated by another attack of the retreat Wolf scientist. [127]
  • The Horses had discover the center of the conspiracy at Nouveaux Paris. Since that the planet went silenced for some time, the Horses gather a small taskforce with Warship support. The taskforce were attacked in system by the Burrocks. Then the Horses tried to recapture their lost colony. But 2 Cluster of the defending Burrocks supported by their Scientist allies with Septs could turn the tide of the invasion in their favor. A short time later the Star Adder arrived with two Galaxies (Alpha + Beta). The Adder Khan ordered the units to start their assault. The defenders used the time for repairation and resupply purposes. The fight no clear winner. Both sides were exchausted over the time, then the Burrocks informed the Adder Khan that the would use a nuclear weapon against the Dropship when the Adder would not chease fire. The Adder leader had no other choice as to abonne his ships. Dark Caste members manned the Dropship and leave the planet. [128]
  • The Spirits used their new won production facilities to best use and could field after short time an entire Galaxies of Protomechs. The new formed Omicron saw their batism of fire on Eden. There the unit captured the territory of Star Adders. No warrior survived the slaugher. The Horses which were captured and were intrgrated into the Spirits Clan with easy. [129] The Spirits continued the expansation of the territory with the assault on Arcadia. The Spirit arrived over an near unhabitable world without any value to the Clan. Only a few lone humans, test subjects of the society, were the only population left on the surface. The two galaxy strong force continued the journey to Albion. The planet was important for the future of the Spirits for several reason. First it hold large natural resources, second the Adder own there large landholds. [130] The planet was defended by several Adder unit which used dealt the Spirits seriuous loses but that had their prize. When the command element of the Omega Galaxy were ambushed by the Adders the overall commander give order to the supporting Warship to bombard the place with its capital weapons. The civialn casaulties where in the hundredthousands. [131]
  • The Scorpion saw the lose of some of their holdings an decide to follow the proven tactic of the Adder and Vipers. The Clan gather a large force at to recapture lost territory and to get new one to. The Gamma Galaxy was send as reinforcement to the enclave. The Coyote laid siege to it with their Delta Galaxy. The Gamma Galaxy was seriously damaged, because the Scorpion were not familiar with the new designs. Furthermore a tactical error were fatal to them too. The Coyote used the SDS system to destroy on the Scorpion Warship and on the ground only one Cluster could retreat back to the remaining warship. [132] The Scorpion send another taskforce to Foster. The system was held by the Steel Viper. The Scorpions show a good fight until the things goes wrong. The Steel Viper declared the Scorpions honorless and used their fullforce to overwhelm them. The Scorpion retreat. The Scorpion Warships take the Vipers from the orbit out via bombardment. After that the Scorpion won the battle. [133]. Glory saw also fighting between Scorpion and other clan forces. The Fire Mandrills were damaged by the Steel Viper, but with the support of the Scorpions the hoped to gain a victory against them. The coaliton forces had difficults to find a common view. During the trial about the future way of the campaign the Vipers assaulted the forces. Only the support of the Warship save the Scorpion from total destruction. The Scorpion realized that the Vipers could not be wiped out via orbital strikes retreat offworld with the fire mandrill members as isola. [134]
  • The Hellions visit the Scorpion on Roche with the goal to discuss a shared future. The Scorpions argued that they are the stronger can which could absorbed the Hellion with little difficults. The Hellions agreed to bring the issue to the Grand Council.
  • The Falcon get the information about the location of the hidden base from where the conspiracy was lead. Kael Pershaw gather a taskforce and jumped to the coordination but they found nothing. The get the information about the real base after forced interview with society members. The Taskforce jumped to Etienne’s Sanctuary. Alpha landed under contested condition but could establish a breachhead. Under heavy loses the Falcon forged their way to the fortress. When the outer walls collapsed a small strike force sneak in an killed the leaders of the society in the Falcon zone. The Falcons then retreat offworld where the awaiting warships unleashed their strikes at the surface. The Falcon gained victory but lost their Loremaster in the fighting. [135]


  • The Scorpion took their fleet to Dagda to get further information about the situation on that world. The Scorpions discover the shattered Fire Mandrills and contacted them. The Mandrills accepted the results of the trials for the future of the enclave. The scorpions send 3 convois to get all material and civilian off that world. One convoi was destroyed by bandits in the system. With their new assets secured the Scorpion discuss the future of their Clan during a Council. The majority supported the decision to integrate the Hellions in the Scorpions and further to leave the Homeworlds. The Khans decide to conquer Nueva Castile. [136] The Scorpions had discover on their journey to the periphery state a lost weapon cache. When they get back a former Smoke Jaguar warship had catched half of the material. The following battle saw the destruction of one Scorpion ship. [137]The Scorpions start their information gathering mission with raid at the future invasion targets. After hitting all worlds the Khan get the image that the world posses military forces put no match for the touman. [138]
  • The Coyotes had assaulted the Shark planet Vinton in late 3072 and were surprised by the strong defenders. Before the Shark had leave their homeworld the leaders decide to arm the local population with the weapons of that world. In the end the defenders fieldet nearly 10 Cluster. The Coyotes landing was contested. The SDS system could destroy on of the advancing ships. The coyote task force counted 3 Galaxies (Delta + Epsilon + Rho) with warship support. The Coyotes used unconventional tactics against the Sharks and when the first large scale battle turned against them they called orbital strikes at the Sharks position. The resistance erroded under the constant pressure of the invaders. After several month 2 Galaxies went of world an one remained on the sufarce with the task to chose the people for execution or for gentetical testings. In mid 3074 the last coyote warrio left the unpopulated world forever.[139]
  • The Star Adders send a convoi to Priori with the task to get closer information about the situation on world. The Burrock had conquered the system and reactivated the mothballed warship in that systems to to increase their defense capacity. [140] The three Galaxy (Gamma + Mu + Sigma) strong taskforce suffer serious loses during the fight for the naval dominance in the system. The defending Burrock craft were destroyed under the lose of half of Mu Galaxy by the Adders. The Adders meet the 4 Galaxies of the defenders in a long campaign. The Adders used their superior skills to destroy the Burrock piecemaly. In the end the invaders secured the world in 3074. [141]
  • The Spirits used the momentum of their latest success to continue their assault on the other clan worlds. The Khan command the Alpha Galaxy to Niles. The Coyotes occupied the planet a short time before and defend it fiercly. A surprise attack at the Commanding element of the Galaxy take the Spirits by surprise, but the integrity was secured. The Spirits communicate with the surviving Hells Horses which agreed to cooperate with the Spirts. The same situation was arragend with the Fire Mandrills. The battle saw the destruction of the Coyotes. The absorbed Horses and Fire Mandrills get a part of the Zeta Galaxy. [142]
  • THe Jade Falcon used their information to streamlining the annihilation of the traitorous scientist. Watch operator had nearly killed over 50 percent of all scientist in the Clan, all surviving members were located on Sudeten or Denizili. The Khan gathered Alpha and Delta Galaxy for an invasion of the world with the goal to end the threat of the rebellion. [143]. The Falcons transmit a messages to the planet. The population had only a few days to get in the safety zone before the invasion will start. Both units landed after the end of the ultimatum and started their search after the scientist. All were discover and killed. The people how had proven that they had nothing to do with the conspiracy were released. [144]
  • The Burrocks which raided the route between the Homeworld and the occupation zone masked themselves as a Horse unit and starting trouble at the border. The Horses were informed by the Star Adder and also the Ghost Bear. The Burrocks had assaulted a few planets. Then the Horses send the Eta Galaxy (including a Star Adder cluster to)to solve the problem with minimal damage. The raid on Thule was the last of the former Star Adder members. The fight take place even in civilian environment, and Ghost Bear wasted no time. The Burrocks could extract themselves only under heavy loses and jumped back into the Periphery. [145]
  • Atreus was a lost world since the Dark Caste and Coyotes began their assault on the planet. Without the propper defenses the situation getting helpless for the members of the Mandrills and the Vipers. When the Spirits arrived to take control of the world a hugh part of the population was dead. Only a small part of the Faraday-Tanaga could be integrated into the Spirit touman (nearly 2 Clusters). [146]
  • Tokasha saw extensive fighting between the Spirits and the Steel Vipers The Vipers had chosen to occupy the former Hell's Horses territory with its waste productions capabelities. The taskforce under leadership of the Ilkhan were surprised by the Spirits and their three Galaxies on world (Omicron + Omega + Zeta) and challenged them for a trial of position. The large scale battle was fought with sheer brutality from both sides. The Vipers used their greater numbers with great effect. The few Spirits how was on life after the battles chose the death before they become slaves for the Vipers. The Vipers killed all civilian with the argument the tained should not spread of the world. [147]
  • The Ilkhan gather the main body of the Vipers touman and jumped to Tameron the capital world of the Coyotes. When the Vipers fleet arrived the Coyotes warships await them. The following battle saw the destruction of most of the defening coyote vessel. The taskforce of six Viper Galaxies (Alpha + Delta + Nu + Rho + Zeta + ) could destroy the naval defense under some loses and make hot landings. The ferocity took the Coyotes by surprise. After the first clashes the defenders had lost two Galaxies (Epsilon + Lambda). The campaign saw the destruction of two more Galaxie (Delta + Rho) before the Vipers had surrounded the captital but the fight had its prize in shape of 3 Viper Galaxies (Delta + Nu + Rho). The coyote leaders anwsered the call of the Ilkhan for a trial of position. After the Vipers victory the planet belongs to the Vipers and all Coyotes warrior became Prisoners of War (POW).


  • The Star Adder started also their assaults on Coyote occupied territory in late 3074. As preparation the Khan gathered 7 Galaxies (Alpha + Sigma + Xi + Tau + Gamma + Delta + Epsilon) with warship support of Dagda. The Cloud Cobras were convinced (black mailed) to support the Adders with 2 more Warships. The taskforce arrived and pushed the defending waships by side. Then the conquest of Stacha began. The defending Burrocks tried to avoid direct confrontation but the sheer superiority of the Adder left them no choice but to run. In the initial landing the Adders lost some assets but could destroy the command center of the defenders. The Jaguar command made the life for the invaders difficult, because they used every opportunity to destroy smaller units. The guerilla fight was ended under orbital strikes from the Adders warships. The next target was Tanis. Before the Adders landed three Galaxies near the main base of the defending Burrocks, the orbital bombardement destroyed three cities and also Zeta Galaxies of the Burrock. After the surrender the Adder Khan give order to kill all Burrock and people from Tanis, getting all valuable assets of world before abonne the world. [149]


  • The Grand Council was held on board of the McKenna's Pride. Several issues were discussed:
  • the Jade Falcons + Ghost Bears + Snow Ravens + Diamond Sharks were abjured and their territory get open for trials in the future. [150]
  • the Scorpions were accused of integrating "tainted" IS warriors into their clan, but the Scorpion Khan showed presented material that all Inner Sphere citizens were dead and no further threat. [151]
  • the Coyotes meet great odds when the future of their Clan was discussed. The entire warrior must prove by an trial of refusal that he had nothing to do with the operations of the Coyote leadership. Only 45 percent survived the purification by combat. The science caste were complete destroyed for the revolt against the dominance of the warriors. [152]
  • The remaining Hell's Horses had only to survive as an independent clan when they changed their heritage. The new leader chose to select a new totem the Stone Lion [153]
  • The integration of the Hellions into the Scorpions was accepted by most Khans because the chaotic situation allowed such behavior without Grand Council agreement. [154]
  • By the next meeting of the Council the IlKhan decide that all eugenics programs should stop with the goal to clean all legacy from it over the next five years. But the decision was not accepted by the Star Adders. By the following trial of refusal the IlKhan killed the Adder Khan with a side arm. That action was enougth and the remaining Khans voted against the Vipers. The reaving of the Vipers had begun. [155]
  • All Clans gathered their forces on Strana Mechty and in late October the conquest of Circe and New Kent began. The fight for Circe saw one of the largest naval battles in Clan history. The advancing Clans broke down the naval defense only with serious losses. The campaign saw extensive fighting across the whole planet. But the Clans secured victory. The Clans killed all living Viper Clan members in the aftermath. [156] The next target was New Kent. The capital world was defended by the remaining naval assets of the Vipers but the combined strength of 5 Clan fleets were overwhelming. The invasion was contested by surface-to-air defenses but not for long. With the arrival of the main force on world the battles continued for several days. The troops were exhausted and surprised by the determinated defense of all Viper members. The new elected Ilkhan decided to retreat off world and gave the order to the WarShips for orbital bombardments. With the last Viper clan member dead, the Wars of Reaving ended. [157]



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