Wendall Puritan

Wendall Puritan
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
Siblings Willard Theodore Puritan

MechWarior Wendall Puritan II began his career in House Steiner's Lyran Guards brigade, piloting a family-owned Scorpion. In the early 3020's the Lyran Commonwealth began to scrap Scorpions and phase them out of their regular military because of the scarcity of replacement parts; Puritan's 'Mech was going to be scrapped for parts, too, and he was offered a replacement 'Mech in its stead. However, he turned down the offer, kept the Scorpion and left the LCAF to become a mercenary instead.

As of 3025, Wendall Puritan was a member of the Smithson's Chinese Bandits mercenary unit in Free Worlds League space. His Scorpion was noted to be in pristine condition at the time.

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Apocryphal information[edit]

Wendall Puritan appears as a minor character in Activision's 1989 video game MechWarrior. In the game, he has an estranged brother named Willard Theodore Puritan (better known as "Kangaroo Jack"), a JumpShip owner and notorious smuggler.

Over the course of the game's storyline, the player (as Gideon Braver) must seek out Wendall Puritan at his mercenary unit's garrison base at some point between ca. 3025 and 3028 to learn about Kangaroo Jack's whereabouts. When met, Wendall Puritan readily discusses his SCP-1N Scorpion, which is described to be modified by having its standard weapons load augmented by twin auto-load heavy mortars (no further details given) and a Sperry Browning machine gun; the exact modifications to his 'Mech is not discussed.

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The character of Wendall Puritan II and most information available about him stem from Technical Readout: 3025, which is fully canonical.

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