Westbrooke McDowell

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Westbrooke McDowell
Also known as "Westy"
Affiliation Free Worlds League

Character History[edit]

Westbrooke McDowell (b. ???? - d. ????) - more commonly known as "Westy" - was a Colonel in the Free Worlds League Military and commanding officer of the 2nd Oriente Hussars during the Reunification War. As a part of the 1st Marik Auxiliary Corps Westy and the 2nd Hussars served in the war between the Star League and the Magistracy of Canopus, which Westy survived. After the successful conquest of the world of Candiear by the 2nd Hussars and a number of other units in 2585, Colonel Anupan Shah of the 3rd Regulan Hussars provoked a bitter war of words with Westy over the performance of their respective units, a result of the tension simmering amongst the Regulans as a result of their perception that they had been slighted by Captain-General Marion Marik in not being chosen for the assault on Canopus IV in 2584. [1] [2]


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