Wexel Loo

Character History[edit]

Wexel Loo (b. ???? - d. ????) was the author of The Kingmaker, published by Boar's Head Stationers in 2477. In this book Wexel recounts events from the early years of the Capellan Confederation, including an anecdote involving a prominant noble ending up embarassed at a meeting of a prominant veterans' association on the world of Chisholm. Due to accept a large silver trophy cup from the Smiling Suns of the Tikonov Union, the noble in question intended to follow the presentation by holding the cup aloft and declaring "Gamil'ao Jurna", a phrase in the native Chisholian dialect equating to "Thank you." Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the Chisholian dialect, a very late schedule, exhaustion and an overly long Speaker's speech, the noble accepted the cup with the phrase "Gane'la Jor!", which equated to "For beer!"[1]


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