What I Remember Most

What I Remember Most
Product information
Type Short story
Author Kevin Killiany
Pages 5
Illustrations Chris Lewis
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 8 October 2004
Era Star League era
Timeline 6 March 2573

"What I Remember Most" is a short story written by Kevin Killiany and published on BattleCorps. It is written in the first person narrative of a young schoolgirl, about the day before her thirteenth birthday and her involvement with the events of the Santiago Massacre.

Teaser text[edit]

Kevin Killiany brings us memories of youth & tragedy in 2573.

Plot summary[edit]

Three months after the Santiago Massacre (December 14, 2572), the girl whose injury touched off the incident recalls the events of that day. She’d been a talented artist who, entranced by a stunning winter wilderness scene, hoped to capture it on canvas. However, by the time she returned with her supplies, a 17th Galedon Regulars Locust had passed through on patrol, destroying the natural beauty. Enraged, the girl chased after the Locust and threw her paint set at it. She was doused with caustic coolant in return, permanently blinding her.

She recalls that, from the Santiagans perspective, evil strangers marked with a serpentine dragon came and claimed the world, despite its lack of resources or strategic value. The DCMS forces claimed to be peacekeepers, there to head off the danger of war. She references burned out buildings, empty storefronts and the overhanging scent of old smoke – a reference to the rampant destruction inflicted on Santiago City as the DCMS ‘Mechs patrolled. The Combine's "peacekeeping" justification rings false, as the nearest reported “pirate” sightings were 12 parsecs from Santiago.

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  • The story is written on 6 March 2573 from the perspective of the burn victim from the event. While the girl does not identify the origin of the 'strangers,' she does describe the snow-ball throwing children and herself as a victim of a coolant burn. There is indication that some time has passed since the injury, leading a strong assumption that the story relates the events of the Santiago Massacre.
  • There are three separate versions of the Santiago Massacre:
    • The Periphery sourcebook reported that a DCMS Lance Corporal threw a canister of coolant at children who had been throwing snowballs at the Combine barracks where she resided. A seven-year-old child (no gender specified) was badly burned, and Combine infantry fired into the angry mob that subsequently gathered, killing twenty-seven Santiagans.
    • The Star League sourcebook and Historical: Reunification War state that local children were running between a Locust's legs and pelting it with snowballs and other debris. The DCMS MechWarrior popped her hatch and threw a can of coolant at a boy (no age given) running alongside, spraying him with the caustic fluid. The Locust then tripped over a car while fleeing the gathering mob, and fired into the crowd, killing twenty-seven Santiagans.
    • In this story, the victim is a thirteen-year-old girl (twelve at the time of the incident) who was doused by a stream of coolant poured onto her head from the Locust above, burning off her hair and blinding her.