Whitewind (Individual Union-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union
In service until 22 November 3028


The Whitewind was a Union-class DropShip. Originally a merchantman that had been pressed into AFFS service for the Fourth Succession War under captain Anuradha Misra,[1] it carried elements of the 4th Crucis Lancers in a combat drop to Tybalt on 22 November 3028.[2]

Unfortunately, the previous owner of the Whitewind had "cut some corners" and the attitude jet throttle valves had not been maintained on schedule. The number two valve malfunctioned during the descent on Tybalt, but helmsman William Karr failed to recognize the malfunction for what it was on time because of the bumpy nature of combat operations. Eventually it locked in full open position, sending the Whitewind into an uncontrolled spin.[2][1] The twelve BattleMechs carried by the Whitewind were dropped early in an attempt to save them; five bounced off the planet's atmosphere and were lost in space while two others burned up in a too-steep entry.[2] The remaining five 'Mechs, including Sergeant Jill Donaldson's JagerMech, managed a landing but were heavily damaged.[2]

The actual fate of the Whitewind was not spelled out. It last reported being not under command and "Red over Red" (Captain is dead). Context and the nature of the malfunction heavily imply that the Whitewind fatally crashed, but this ultimately remains unconfirmed.


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