William Baranov

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William Baranov
Born: 3007
Died: 9th October 3067
Affiliation Tikonov Free Republic
Emperor of Hall

Emperor William "Bud" Baranov began his career with the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, graduating from the Tikonov Martial Academy. He was then posted to Stapleton's Iron Hand. Baranov's early career was shrouded in a cloud of scandal, with rumors that he murdered a professional rival. He became a suspect during the course of the investigation, but the outbreak of the Fourth Succession War precluded such things as the CCAF needed every Mechwarrior it could get it’s hands on. Wounded during the defense of Tikograd, Baranov spent his convalescence on Hall. Recalled to active duty upon his full recovery, he was posted with the Fourth Republican Guard of the newly formed Tikonov Free Republic. With the Fourth, Baranov saw action in the offensive that Colonel Pavel Ridzik launched against House Marik, and was decorated for his actions on Talitha. Reposted to Hall after the absorption of the Tikonov Free Republic into the Federated Commonwealth, Baranov began quietly consolidating power on the planet. In the chaos that followed the Marik-Liao Invasion of 3057 and the collapse of the Sarna March, Baranov saw an opportunity he could not pass up. Baranov moved quickly, but decisively. He led his troops into the capital city of Harney, crushing what little opposition he found, and crowned himself Emperor of Hall. Though harried from the start by Count Radcliffe McNally, and even by rebellions from his own troops, his first major task was to eliminate the threat to his military power posed by the twin sons of his former Commander, Pavil Ridzik. Baranov skillfully cultivated an atmosphere of mistrust between the brothers by playing on their fears. The disappearance of Nikoli Ridzik forced his brother to flee Hall for Solaris VII, abandoning any hopes of a revived Tikonov Free Republic. The “Idiot Twins” — as Baranov referred to them. Since then Baranov systematically neutralized all opposition on Hall - save for Count McNally and his supporters in Burton's Brigade. A bear of a man with a shaggy beard and multiple tattoos, Baranov looks more like the proprietor of a wild roadhouse than a military commander and strategist.[1]

Emperor William "Bud" Baranov was finally killed on October 9, 3067 while engaged in a 'Mech duel with Captain Elly Burton of Burton's Brigade in the suburbs of Hall's capital city Harney during which both combatants were slain. [2][3]


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