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Wilson's Hussars

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Emblem of Wilson's Hussars
Wilson's Hussars: Never Give Up
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Major Donna Wilson
Disbanded 3076
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor yes
Infantry yes


Originally a Liao battalion, the Lafarge Hussars, the unit which would one day become Wilson's Hussars started as a proud and celebrated unit, faithfully serving House Liao for countless years in numerous battles under the command of near-legendary Major Alexander Floyd. This all ended on the contested planet Burroughs when the Federated Suns 6th Syrtis Fusiliers crushed them, killing over a third of the unit's MechWarriors as well as Major Floyd. The rest of the battalion surrendered and were allowed to become a regular militia attached to the House Davion victors. [1]

They remained in service to House Davion for the next decade giving faithful if not exemplary service. Owed three months back pay the fully restored Hussars battalion, led by Major Jennifer Langstrom, left Davion service for the mercenary life, believing it would yield more profits than the current garrison duties they were drawing from their Federated Suns masters. Initially taking service with House Kurita they did at first excel and the Hussars seemed destined for greatness. [1]

After their initial successes came a series of less successful missions and the Hussars left Kurita service for more glory and the hopes of a restored reputation in the service of House Liao. Though initially the unit served well and was successful, their luck ran out in 3014 on the planet St. Ives. Defending against a House Davion raid Major Langstrom lost her life when armored units destroyed her BattleMaster. Her brother Michael Langstrom then took command, leading to an era of disaster and deterioration for the once storied Hussars. [1]

Under Michael Langstrom's uninspired leadership the unit's morale deteriorated. His command style caused near mutiny and his inability to effectively lead led to disaster after disaster, culminating on Ingersol, where, due to incompetence and panic, he caused most of the Hussars to be destroyed in the crash of the DropShip he ordered into danger to save him [1]. Though Langstrom did survive the initial crash, his 'Mech was soon destroyed by energy weapon fire, and his assistant, Captain David Wilson led the remnants of the unit to safety on their remaining DropShip.[1]

From then on the now named Wilson's Hussars went from bad to worse, going from unsuccessful contracts with Inner Sphere noble houses to bare survival in Periphery bandit kingdoms and pirate havens. [2] They lived hand to mouth, barely making it but still surviving, much to the surprise of any and all they came in contact with.

In 3021 Wilson's Hussars were based on the Periphery world of Butte Hold and in the employ of the Bandit King Redjack Ryan. Ryan tasked the Hussars with raiding the Draconis Combine world of Kimball VI. Kimball VI had a population of just 100,000, and relied on the small planetary militia and a hired mercenary unit for defense; Ryan envisaged an easy raid, securing him mining and ore processing equipment in the face of little resistance.[3]

The Hussars landed 30 kilometers south of a mountain range with active mines and moved north in company strength. By the time the Hussars reached the foothills they had been targeted by the mercenary garrison, who proceeded to ambush and harass the Hussars using their Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopters. The Hussars couldn't close with the fast VTOLs after the initial ambush against the Hussars' Recon Lance, but Wilson insisted on trying, leading his entire company in pursuit of the mercenaries. That pursuit ended in an ambush in a box canyon, where the waiting planetary militia dropped SRMs and Infernos on the luckless Hussars. After losing 3 'Mechs Wilson called for a general retreat, and his surviving 'Mechs were harassed constantly by the mercenary helicopters all the way back to their drop zone.[3]

In 3056 the unit fell to the command of Major Donna Wilson[4], daughter of David Wilson. In desperation she and the Hussars returned to the Inner Sphere to wash up on Outreach in a battered, barely functional DropShip of questionable provenance [2]. It seemed the prototypical hard-luck unit had finally hit bottom, because from there on their luck changed and for once it was for the better.

On Outreach the Hussars initially scrambled for contracts, willing to accept anything to allow them to continue to exist as a unit.[4] After months of fruitless searching a bit of luck fell their way when a small security force agreed to a merger, bringing with them a company of Drillson tanks and two platoons of infantry as well as much needed support personnel. From there on out things began to change for the better.[5]

Taking a contract with the Federated Suns in 3056 on the eve of the FedCom Civil War, the unit served admirably, culminating with the defeat of the 17th Arcturan Guards on the planet Small World. The Hussars were tasked with command of an ad-hoc unit of many smaller mercenary units in this victory. Afterwards many of the forces they led chose to join the Hussars, increasing their 'Mech assets from two Lances to a full Battalion in strength. [5]

With this added strength the Wilson's Hussars seem once again to be flirting with greatness. For what the future holds only time will tell, but the Hussars, for the first time in a long time, seem ready to face it with at least a chance for victory.[5]

The Jihad[edit]

Wilson's Hussars were part of an AFFS force that landed on Schedar on the 2nd of December 3076. Schedar was one of three worlds to be attacked simultaneously by the AFFS - the other two worlds being Caselton and Mirach - in an attempt to liberate the worlds from the Word of Blake Protectorate.[6][7] The battle for Schedar was particularly brutal, and Wilson's Hussars were wiped out completely attempting to blunt the advance of Word of Blake troops counterattacking the AFFS forces. The sacrifice made by the Hussars gave the 2nd Federated Suns Armored Cavalry the opportunity needed to regroup and eventually force the Blakists back.[8]


The commanding officer in 3025 was Captain David Wilson.[1] As of 3056 Major Donna Wilson is the CO of Wilson's Hussars.[5]


Favoring an up close and personal tactical doctrine[4] the Hussars like to hammer their opponents into the ground while the attached and assigned conventional assets wreak havoc in the enemies' rear. Due to this doctrinal preference the Hussars prefer heavier weight of BattleMechs whenever possible[5]

Composition History[edit]


Mech Assets (1 Company/Regular/Questionable)[1]

  • CO: Captain David Wilson
  • Command Lance
  • Assault Lance
  • Fire Lance
  • Recon Lance

- The majority of the equipment of the Hussars is of Salvage or Destroyed quality at best. At this time there are only six fully functional 'Mechs in the company.


Wilson's Hussars (1 Battalion/Veteran/Questionable}[5]

  • CO: Major Donna Wilson
    • XO: Captain Kern Verrick

Murphy's Wrath (Mixed Armor/Infantry Company/Regular/Reliable)[5]

  • Able Platoon - Captain Malcolm Kavanaugh
  • Baker Platoon - Lieutenant Scott Walker
  • Mighty Mighty Drillsons - Lieutenant Daniel Jarra

- Note: 12 Drillson Tanks in 6 Lances


Minor repairs can be handled by the integral support staff, MechWarriors and crews, but major repairs, updates and overhauls need additional support from external sources[5]



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