Wolf High Command (CCG - CommandersEdition)

Rarity: New Deck Card

Wolf High Command
2+2T Wolf High Command CCG CommandersEdition.jpg
Command - Unique - Clan - Wolf
Each of your 'Mechs gets -1 structure and +1 attack.
Much has been made of the ex-Kell Hound known as Phelan's rise to the leadership of this fractured but still potent Clan. His knowledge of Inner Sphere tactics may be his greatest strength, but we also see this as his greatest weakness. Can he truly order his Wolf kinsmen to kill his kinsmen by birth? Our information says no, but this situation bears watching.
  — Maskirovka: COP (Information Gathering) Report [5587-3058]
4 / 2 Illus: John Coulthart
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