Wolfkin Keshik (Clan Wolf)

Delta Galaxy Command Trinary
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname The Wolfkin Keshik
Parent Formation Delta Galaxy
Formed 3050s


The command unit of the Crusader Wolves' Delta Galaxy, the Wolfkin Keshik was involved in the thick of fighting during the Jihad owing to it being the leading element of Clan Wolfs contribution to Stone's Coalition.[citation needed]

After the formation of the Republic of the Sphere and the decision made by Katya Kerensky to lead her Delta Galaxy to join the Republic, the Wolfkin Keshik was most probably disbanded or absorbed into the Republic Armed Forces.[citation needed]

The HPG Blackout and the advent of the Dark Age saw the rise of many splinter factions, among them the Steel Wolves, a Clan faction led by Galaxy Commander (ex-Prefect) Kal Radick of Prefecture IV which proclaimed allegiance to Clan Wolf and shared their Crusader ideology. The roughly Galaxy-sized Steel Wolf Touman included as its heart, the newly-reformed Wolfkin Keshik.[citation needed]


The CO was in 3059 Galaxy Commander Katya Kerensky [1]

During 3132 the CO was Galaxy Commander Kal Radick. It is currently unknown who succeeded him nor if the unit still existed after he was killed in the Trial of Possession against Anastasia Kerensky.[citation needed]


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  • 1 OmniMech Command Star
  • 2 Novas Omnis/Elementals
  • 1 Fighter Star



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