Wolverton's Highlanders

Insignia of the Wolverton Highlanders
Wolverton's Highlanders
Unit Profile (as of 3063)
CO Robert Feehan
JumpShips No
DropShips 5
Aerospace Yes 4 Fighters
Armor No
Infantry No

The mercenary unit Wolverton's Highlanders was under contract with the Lyran Alliance during the FedCom Civil War. For unknown reasons, their unit was integrated into the Blackstone Highlanders in early 3063.

Combat Doctrine[edit]

Wolverton's Highlanders consisted of one 'Mech-Regiment of mainly light and medium 'Mechs (and only about half a dozen heavy 'Mechs). Accordingly, a regular strategy was to engage the enemy as fast as possible, strike hard with concentrated fire and then regroup. Wolverton's Highlanders were not equipped for long battles, as their 'Mechs lacked armor.

Unit History[edit]

For unknown reasons, the Wolverton's Highlanders were integrated into the Blackstone-Highlanders in early 3063. This had been orchestrated by the Lyran Alliance for unknown reasons. The Wolverton's Highlanders were formally part of the Blackstone Highlanders, but were still deployed apart from the rest of their new unit.

In 3063, Wolverton's Highlanders were under contract with the Lyran Alliance during the FedCom Civil War. They were offered a role in a plot to destroy the 1st Thorin Regiment. Colonel Robert Feehan agreed, as he saw this as a chance to impress his new boss Colonel Scott Blackstone. One 'Mech-company of Wolverton's Highlanders was trusted into the hands of a Loki-agent, who set up a trap on Odessa. He used the company in April 3063 to trick Snord's Irregulars and the 1st Thorin into fighting each other. But by the time the rest of Wolverton's Highlanders arrived on Odessa, both sides had found out that they had fallen victim to a lie.

Wolverton's Highlanders proceeded with their original plan to attack the weakened 1st Thorin. Colonel Feehan realized, that he had to destroy Snord's Irregulars as well, because one day they might find out about this plot. He didn't want to destroy Snord's Irregulars, as he respected them, but he decided to do it anyway for the good of his unit.

But the 1st Thorin and Snord's Irregulars had joined forces and regained some strength by exchanging salvaged 'Mechs and supplies. Together they were able to beat Wolverton's Highlanders. Nearly all of their Mechs were salvaged by either Snord's Irregulars or the 1st Thorin Regiment.

The further fate of Wolverton's Highlanders is unknown. Their commanding officers (including Feehan) were submitted to the mercenary commission on Outreach, to be sentenced for their deeds. Maybe Wolverton's Highlanders were dissolved. And maybe the Blackstone Highlanders were driven into bankruptcy by this.

Unit Profile[edit]

The unit was Regiment-sized and consisted entirely of ninety-six 'Mechs, mostly of medium and light weight.

The unit had five DropShips: two Overlords and three Unions.



Wolverton's Highlanders (1 Regiment/Regular/Questionable)

  • 1st Battalion: Brevet Colonel Robert Feehan
  • 2nd Battalion: Major Tracy Banks
  • 3rd Battalion: Major Fallon Cloudancer

Highlander Air Support (2 Lances/Veteran/Questionable)

  • Wing Commander: Captain Tammi Ellison


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