Wraiths Stables

Wraiths Stables
Colors/Badge White / Gray
Stable Profile
Experience Regular
Rating C
Faction Affiliation Liao / Kurita
Units Used
BattleMechs Yes


The Wraiths Stables is a Solaris VII 'Mech fighting stable based in the city of Rowe, just outside of Solaris City in the Reaches area. They are principally a House Liao affiliated stable with minor influences of House Kurita.


The Wraiths were founded in 3053 by wealthy Capellan Joshua Ling. When the stable was formed, generated excitement in the Reaches when it had number victories with its formation. However, the stable came under scrutiny when a report from Solaris Spectator fabricated a story of rigged matches, from urging Silver Dragon Stables.

Publicly, the rumors of dispute accrued between the two stables, which resulted in defection of several members of the Silver Dragons joining the Stable. The Stable has never public commented on what had transpired.

The Stable has been known for shortage of 'Mechs for its MechWarriors.

In 3071, the final year of the Word of Blake occupation of Solaris during the Jihad, the Wraiths had joined forced with other stables in the Solaris Home Defense League to eject the Blakist forces off-world. However tensions between the stables remained even with their common foe, most notably in June when Ulter Pentrovsky (then ranked 18th in the Top Twenty) and seven other members of the Wraiths ambushed and killed a lance of top-rated warriors from Overlord Stables in Cathay. The ambush would trigger a series of short and brutal battles between Lyran and Capellan leaning stables, ultimately culminating in the destruction of the Wraiths.[1]

However, a review of the financial position of Solaris corporations and stable in 3072 secured by Hachiman Taro Electronics indicated the Wraiths had suffered only loses of 37%, though its actual status was unknown.[1]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

As of 3053 the Stable Master of the Wraiths Stables was Joshua Ling.

Notable Personnel[edit]

Francois Chi - Former Capellan Senior tech of the Stables, noted for his expertise with BattleMech technology.

Gomez Long - Wraiths trainer, former Force Commander from the defunct 1st Andurien Lancers which participated in the Andurien rebellion in early thirty-first century.[2] After escaping to Solaris and going to reaching ranks of the top 20 MechWarriors, he was injured fighting for the Bromley Stables and hired by Joshua Ling to instruct the Stables pilots.

Tactics and Style[edit]

The Wraithes are trained in tight quarters fighting. Their skills in tight maneuvering fall allow them to excel in arenas such as Hartford Gardens and the Scrapyard.


As of 3067, the unit rated F level Equipment at Regular skill level.


Game Rules[edit]

When using Stable Specific Rules; The any unit of the stable receive +2 to their initiative when fighting in clutter arenas. Such as; Hartford Gardens, Scrapyard, Steiner Arena (when obstacles are activated), Ishiyama and the Jungles. The initiative is also active when Wraith units operate in Mountain or Wooden areas. However, Wraith MechWarriors suffer from -1 initiative when operating specific arena maps. These including Boreal Reachs, King of the Mountain, and The Mud Pit maps. They Wraith MechWarriors suffer from negative 1 penalty when operating in Wetlands terrain.[3]


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