Wynn Goddard

Wynn Goddard
Born: 3024
Affiliation Tandrek Stables

Wynn Goddard (b. 3024 - d. ????) was the Solaris Games Grand Champion from 3057 and 3058.[1]


Hailing from the Capellan Confederation, as of 3051 Wynn Goddard was fighting for Tandrek Stables and ranked 3rd in Solaris Top Twenty. Bitter rival with Jason Bloch, Goddard seemed destined for a championship fight against either Bloch or the O'Bannons sisters (Elizabeth O'Bannon and Tanya O'Bannon).[2]

While many considered him a MechWarrior past his prime in a field dominated by younger warriors, Goddard won the the Solaris VII Grand Championship in 3057. Though he had been long ranked the number three warrior on Solaris for several years running, many derided this achievement, citing that the aging warrior had been "gifted" the championship because the previous holder Kai Allard-Liao had opted out for that year.[1]

Many observers and spectators predicting that he'd be yet another single-year champion, Goddard silenced his critics and proved his mettle in 3058 when he soundly defeated all comers and took the championship again. Coinciding with the Xin Sheng revival of the Confederation, his second victory seemed prophetic. Goddard ultimately chose to retire after he was defeated in 3059 without another fight, choosing to go out while still on top.[1]


Goddard was notorious because his reluctance to waste ammo on difficult shots, using instead his lasers. At short range he used SRMs, keeping his LRMs in reserve for particularly promising shots. Chipping away at his opponents slowly at range while keeping his heat low, Goddard's tactics were solid but could backfire against opponents with good long-range weapons or exceptional luck.[2]


In 3051 he was piloting a Stalker.[2]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Kai Allard-Liao
Solaris VII Grand Tournament Champion
3057 - 3058

Succeeded by
Theodore Gross


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