XXVI Corps (Star League)

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XXVI Corps
Unit Profile (as of 2784)
Parent Formation Tenth Army
Formed Unknown

Unit Description[edit]

XXVI Corps (or the Twenty-Sixth Corps) was one of the seventy-two Corps that made up the Star League Defense Force. XXVI Corps was one of the smaller Corps; prior to the collapse of the Star League it consisted of 4 divisions and 3 independent regiments. [1]


In 2764 XXVI Corps was part of the 10th Army, assigned to District 3 of the Free Worlds League Military Region.[1] The operational area assigned to XXVI Corps included responsibility for the fractious Principality of Regulus; as with any unit assigned to the Free Worlds Military Region, XXVI Corps had to deal with the constantly-shifting morass that was politics within the Free Worlds League. XXVI Corps was well aware that with much of the Corps posted within two jumps of Regulus, in the event that the SLDF had to initiate their Damocles plan and subdue the Free Worlds League by force, it would be XXVI Corps attempting to subdue the Principality.[2]

XXVI Corps suffered logistically because of how the commands within the Corps had to be dispersed; two divisions were located within Regulan space, while another was located in the Federation of Oriente and others in independent systems. The process for transporting supplies to XXVI Corps was more complicated than that involved in supporting other corps because of the number of burdensome administrative checks that had to be undergone by transport vessels in every province they visited while moving. The delays involved in obtaining SLDF supplies often led to XXVI Corps having to rely on purchasing mundane consumables and incidentals despite being charged premium prices by the Regulan sources.[2]

The officer commanding XXVI Corps in 2764 was Major General Lanfren Borowski. Borowski had been lobbying constantly for reassignment for some time but due to a lack of suitable replacements was still in post in 2764; despite chafing at her posting, the various units within XXVI Corps still responded swiftly when dealing with the pirate attacks or riots that cropped up within the XXVI Corps administrative area. Some commented that those elements of the command deployed by Borowski on such missions reacted with an enthusiasm that bordered on glee, and Borowski had XXVI Corps practising their element of the Damocles contingency far more frequently than other corps commanders. Elements of the command staff within Borowski's command HQ believed that Borowski secretly longed for an opportunity to bring the obstructive Principality to heel.[2]

When the simmering violence and rebellion building in the Periphery erupted with the New Vandenberg Uprising and subsequent Periphery-wide uprising in 2765 XXVI Corps was deployed into the Periphery Military Region along with the rest of the Tenth Army. The resulting combat and terrorist actions within the Periphery Military Region inflicted significant damage on XXVI Corps, with the 372nd BattleMech Division lost in action along with the 75th Light Horse. XXVI Corps went on to fight in the Hegemony Campaign, losing the 190th Jump Infantry Division during the 22-year conflict.[1]

The bulk of the surviving combat units within XXVI Corps followed General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus, with the exception of the 9th Royal CAAN Marine Regiment; the final fate of the 9th is unknown, with no record of the unit after the Periphery Uprising.[1]

Composition History[edit]

Unit 2764 2765 2766 2767 - 79 2784 Note
372nd BattleMech Division active [1] destroyed [1]
14th Infantry Division active [1] active [1] active [1] active [1] active [1] Exodus
190th Jump Infantry Division active [1] active [1] active [1] destroyed [1]
210th Jump Infantry Division active [1] active [1] active [1] active [1] active [1] Exodus
Independent Regiments
9th Royal CAAN Marine Regiment active [1] active [1] unknown
75th Light Horse Regiment active [1] destroyed [1] (member of 1st RCT)
138th Dragoon Regiment active [1] active [1] active [1] active [1] active [1] (member of 1st RCT)


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