Xera (b. 3??? - d. 3???) is a trueborn AeroSpace Fighter that joined Kal Radick's Steel Wolves.

Notable Actions[edit]

Invasion of Achernar[edit]

During the invasion of Achernar, Xera was under the command of another trueborn pilot who was killed in action during the open hostilities. With the death of her commanding officer, she believed that she was the rightful heir to become commander of the fighter wing, unfortunately for her, another pilot named Drake believed that he was to become the new CO. In a one sided Trial of Position, Xera was able to overcome her opponent and became the new commanding officer of the invasion force's fighters.[1]

For the rest of the invasion, Xera and her fighters were able to keep air dominance for the Steel Wolves. Once the order to return to the DropShips was given, she and the remaining pilots boarded the ships and left Achernar.


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A Call to Arms