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As a shadow Combine society, the Yakuza do their business without fear of reprisal as long they do not affect the interests of other circles. The Yakuza operate in the Draconis Combine and its former territories. This includes the Rasalhague Dominion.


=> gambling [1]
=> blackmail
=> racketeering
=> smuggling all kinds of goods


  • oyabun (supreme boss)
the overall leader of the organization.
  • koman (advisors)
the inner circle of the syndicate.
  • shingiin (counselors)
men of special knowledge who influence the daily business.
  • wakagashira (number-two man)
the second in command.
  • so-honbucho (headquarters chief)
they organize the headquarters. only trusted members make it to this rank.
  • shatei (younger brothers)
the senior leaders of the organization.
  • wakashu (young men)
the sergeants of the clan.
  • kobun (child figures)
the lowest rank of the syndicate.
  • teppodama
cannon fodder in times of gang war



To facilitate meetings with other groups, the yakuza employ kuromaku (fixers).[2]

Low Level[edit]

The lower ranks are mistrusted. Even loyal soldiers are granted help only when it does not interfere with the business of the clan. Treachery is dealt with swiftly and harshly.

Medium Level[edit]

At this level, the clan members offer their services for an astronomical sum in the form of a gift. With such behavior, the gumi risk little and gain much.

High Level[edit]

These are the leaders of the syndicate. Careful negotiations are the way to survive such meetings. They will only put their support behind a business if they have the right reasoning.


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