Yen-Lo-Wang (CN9-YLW) (CCG - Mercenaries)

Rarity: Rare

Yen-Lo-Wang (CN9-YLW)


Mass: 50 tons

Armament: AC/20, 2 Med Lasers

Yen-Lo-Wang (CN9-YLW) CCG Mercenaries.jpg
Unit - 'Mech - Unique - Inner Sphere - Davion - St. Ives

Alpha Strike: +2 attack

'Mechs engaged in battle with Yen-Lo-Wang get -1 attack. Yen-Lo-Wang deals +1 damage to a 'Mech that is the same speed or slower.

Piloted first by Justin Xiang Allard, then by his son Kai, the King of the Nine Hells strikes fear in the hearts of its enemies.
1 / 6 Illus: Simon Gurr
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