Vessel Profile
Type WarShip


The Yukon was a destroyer-class WarShip that had been a long-standing part of the Clan Wolverine touman prior to the Annihilation that wiped out most of the Wolverines.[1] The Yukon missed the battle held in the Deep Periphery system of Barbados at the end of June 2824 where the bulk of the Clan Wolverine touman and civilian castes were killed or captured by the Grand Fleet assembled by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky.[2]

The Yukon had lagged behind the rest of the Wolverine fleet, having picked up a sibko of Wolverine children secured by Star Captain Francis, and managed to meet up with Khan Trish Ebon and the Wolverine survivors gathered by her flagship, the Texas-class battleship SLS Bismark, in September 2824. Star Captain Francis described the survivors aboard the Yukon as the last Wolverines to have survived in the Clan Homeworlds.[1]


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