Yvonne Hazen

Yvonne Hazen
Died: 3048
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Khan of Clan Jade Falcon

Yvonne Hazen (born 29?? - died 3048) was senior Khan of Clan Jade Falcon for most of the early 31st century. Along with other members of her Crusader faction, she argued for a return to the Inner Sphere on a campaign of conquest.

Because we adhere strictly to the words of Kerensky, all caste members, from the least-skilled laborer to the best warrior, hold only one opinion on the Crusader question.

-Khan Yvonne Hazen in a speech to the Grand Council.[1]


Political Turmoil[edit]

When Khan Kerlin Ward of Clan Wolf proposed the Dragoon Compromise in 3000, Yvonne Hazen was incensed. She made plain her belief that such a "reconnaissance force" must surely either fail, send back flawed information, or even defect en masse to the Inner Sphere. Despite Yvonne's stated misgivings, the Grand Council signed off on the creation and dispatch of "Wolf's Dragoons".[2]

Grooming Her Successor[edit]

Still angry over the "folly" of the Dragoon Compromise, Yvonne Hazen started to consider her successor as supreme leader of the Jade Falcons. While her saKhan, Sejanus Buhallin, was a capable officer she felt he lacked sufficient political ability to lead the Crusader cause.[3] Instead, she turned to Elias, a young ristar who had become Yvonne's newest and most trusted advisor.[4] She began to prepare him to take over her position, awarding him the rank of Star Colonel in 3020. Appointing him to command the prestigious Turkina Keshik sent a clear message that Yvonne Hazen intended for Star Colonel Elias to be the Clan's eventual leader. The inevitable tensions between the newly Bloodnamed Elias Crichell and Sejanus Buhallin soon polarized the Jade Falcons into two camps. Each sought to discredit the other's leader. Khan Yvonne permitted the situation to unfold, and allowed Sejanus Buhallin's political credibility to unravel in the face of Elias Crichell's accusations and insinuations. When Yvonne stepped in finally to resolve the situation, she placed the blame entirely on saKhan Sejanus, effectively destroying his career.[5]

Beginning of the Crusade[edit]

The arrival of the Outbound Light at Huntress in 3048 shocked the Clans. Information extracted from the JumpShip's crew gave the Crusader faction the political ammunition it had long needed to push for the invasion of the Inner Sphere. Even as the Crusaders pressed the Grand Council to appoint Leo Showers as ilKhan, Yvonne Hazen announced that she was stepping down from leadership of Clan Jade Falcon.[6]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Yvonne Hazen did not live to see the opening stages of Operation Revival. She died only two weeks after she had overseen the official ceremony installing Elias Crichell as her successor. She was found dead at the controls of her BattleMech, evidently the result of a self-administered drugs overdose.[7]

Preceded by
Senior Khan of Clan Jade Falcon
29?? – 3048

Succeeded by
Elias Crichell


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