Zalman (Bloodname)

The Zalman bloodname was a Clan Steel Viper founding legacy derived from saKhan Antonius Zalman.[1]

Antonius Zalman served as saKhan of Clan Steel Viper for only two years, but helped prepare his Clan for the violence of Operation Klondike in 2821. Long before that time, he was killed in a training accident, in 2809 - though certain sources maintain that the "Trial" he faced was created to reward him with his wish for an honorable death in combat. Zalman was replaced as saKhan of the Steel Vipers by Star Colonel Steven Breen. Due to his genetic legacy, all Steel Viper warriors with the Zalman bloodname are his descendants, starting with his granddaughter, Shandra Zalman, who took his place in the operation to retake the Pentagon Worlds. His most famous descendant is Perigard Zalman, a Khan of the Steel Vipers during the years after Operation Revival.[2][3][4]


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