Zaurak Militia

Zaurak Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3029)
Parent Formation CCAF

The Zaurak Militia defended Zaurak on the Capellan Confederation.


Following the lull in major offensives in early 3029, a number of new offensives began as the Fourth Succession War entered its second year. The AFFS forces on the Capellan front did their best to rest and resupply during the lull, anticipating a return to combat operations; orders for the fifth wave of Operation RAT were received in late April, and large-scale invasions of the Capellan Confederation began again.[1] Stripped of JumpShips to form a command chain for Operation INTRUDERS COMMUNION, few of the front-line forces within the Sarna Commonality were able to respond to the fresh wave of attacks.[2] Zaurak was one of the targets of Wave Five, and was expected to be a relatively easy conquest; given that Zaurak was a small world with just one major city and a few minor settlements, the AFFS Operations Command assigned an invasion force consisting of just six conventional AFFS regiments - two of armor and four of infantry - led by a battalion from Gamma Regiment of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers under the overall command of Major Joseph Finner.[3]

The invasion immediately ran into complications because of sudden and dramatic weather changes that were a common occurence on Zaurak, but which the AFFS High Command was largely unaware of. Anticipating a campaign fought under temperate summer conditions, the invasion began with disrupted landings caused by intense upper-level winds that scattered DropShips as far as fifty kilometers from their assigned landing zones. In one case, a battalion of infantry and light vehicles landed in an area that should have been secured, but which hadn't been because of the disruption to the Ranger landings, and ended up fighting a well-trained regiment of the Zaurak militia forces for two days before reinforcements from the task force arrived. the first violent weather change occured shortly after, just as the Rangers had regrouped their forces; with temperatures plummeting fifty degrees Fahrenheit in an hour, AFFS troops in summer uniforms were suddenly fighting through snowfalls and dealing with exposure and frostbite, followed by snow drifts several meters deep. The militia forces on Zaurak were accustomed to these weather changes and began harassing the invaders with infantry ambushes and darting hovercraft raids that were initially successful, but which became more limited in scope as the Rangers closed on the planetary capital city, Zaurak.[3]

Before the Rangers were able to breach the defenses at Zaurak and capture the commanding officer of the planetary militia, leading to the militia surrendering, they had to deal with two more violent weather changes - the first a heatwave that turned open ground into a quagmire, followed by freezing temperatures that froze the moat surrounding the militias primary defenses, all while under fire from militia squads equipped with autocannons and inferno missiles.[3]

Nevertheless the Vegan Rangers finally captured the capital city and the commander of the Zaurak Militia, who ordered the militia to surrender.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Zaurak Militia


The unit was trained and very adapted to the changing climate of Zaurak.

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