Zellbrigen Stables

Zellbrigen Stables
Colors/Badge Green / Blue
A White and red daggerstar on a silver shield.
Stable Profile
Experience Veteran
Rating A
Faction Affiliation Clans Jade Falcon/Diamond Shark
Units Used
BattleMechs 15


A Clan operated Solaris VII Stables. The Stable was named after the Clan tradition of Zellbrigen. Only Clan Warriors are eligible to be members of this stable.


Formed in 3066, Zellbrigen Stables was formed by disgruntled Clan Jade Falcon warriors from a embassy based in the Cathay section of Solaris City. Several of these warriors challenged number of contenders to publicized duels. These warriors challenged the contenders to vent their frustrations of being stationed on Solaris VII. The Falcons disdain the glamorization of dueling, and wanted to prove their superiority over mere "showmen" like the warriors of Solaris. The victories in these matches reaped the stable fame and respect. However, the stable's members were not able to handle the glamorous lifestyle that comes with fighting on Solaris. On the brink of collapse after it first matches, a Diamond Shark bloodnamed warrior & former merchant casteman , Marcin Hammond, stepped in and took over the "management" of the stables.

Since taking over the administration side of Zellbrigen's operations, he stabilized its situation and allowed it to prosper. Warriors from various Clans have appeared in matches under the Zellbrigen Stables. By late 3067, unofficial rivalry had sprung up between the it and Huntsmen Stables.[1]

In the post-Word of Blake Solaris only three pilots were left.[2]

Stable Master and Owners[edit]

  • Marcin Hammond - Clan Diamond Shark Mechwarrior whom had recently arrived in the Inner Sphere and appeared on Solaris VII. He handles the deal-making and day-to-day leadership of the Stables. Though his skills, he arranges restrictive contracts on his warriors. Since Clan warriors do not value money, Hammond was able use winnings that would have gone to warriors to maintain the stable.

He has been the stablemaster at least from 3067 to 3077.[2]

  • Zellbrigen does not official list Hammond as stable master however is leads the stable without rank.

Notable Personnel[edit]


Tactics and Style[edit]

From their Clan traditions, Zellbrigen excel in one on one dueling matches. However, the Zellbrigen suffers from inability to smoothly coordinate team matches.



Game Rules[edit]

The stable has A Rated Equipment and has veteran skills. Zellbrigen Warriors when engage in a one-on-one duel, removes any initiative bonus through special abilities opponent may have. However, Zellbrigen warriors operating in a team match suffers from a -2 Initiative. Zellbrigen warriors do not surrender under any circumstances.[3]


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