Zeta Provisional Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat)

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Zeta Provisional Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Clan Nova Cat Touman
Formed July 3061


Formed from the remains of Rho, Upsilon and Kappa Galaxies after the Abjurement from the Clan Homeworlds. The unit was plagued with poor morale and resentment towards the new direction Clan Nova Cat was taking. -.[1]

In 3062, The 1st Dragoncat Cluster was decimated in action against the 11th Alshain Avengers on Yamarovka while trying to prevent the Combine-Ghost Bear War. The last of Zeta's units -- nearly two clusters -- lifted off-planet and were never heard from again. By 3067, the Galaxy had been removed from the Nova Cats' TO&E. [2]


As of 3062 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Tirant Higall.[1]


Composition History[edit]



The 2nd Dragoncat Cluster was scheduled to be formed as of June of 3062. However, there are no official information regarding if the Cluster was activated by the time of the Combine-Ghost Bear War reached Yamarovka.


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