Zettle Metals Incorporated

Zettle Metals Incorporated
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Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Rahne
Primary Products BattleMechs

Zettle Metals Incorporated is a metal processing company in the Lyran Commonwealth/Lyran Alliance.[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

Commonwealth Stock Exchange Symbol: ZetMet. [1][2]

Home Office: Califar, Hyde. [1] Shawmut Springs Rahne.[2]

President/CEO: Dale Radant, Baron von Califar (circa 3025).[1] Stasio Radant, Baron von Califar (circa 3067). [2]


Zettle Metals dates from a time before the Terran Alliance thus making it one of the oldest companies in the Lyran Commonwealth, producing purified precious metals and industrial alloys for use in civilian, commercial and military industries. Though all three of the company's foundries, one on Hyde and two more on Rahne, suffered heavy damage during the centuries of the Succession War era, the company has soldiers own, its product vital to the construction of BattleMech chassis.[1] [2]

In the Clan Invasion era Zettle's future appeared less certain despite signing a series of contracts to supply raw materials to factories on Hesperus II, Skye and Solaris VII, when numerous planetologists producing findings that the Hyde and Rahne's mineral wealth would be tapped before it could fulfill the full obligations of the lengthy contracts. By the FedCom Civil War, prospectors working for Zettle discovered veins of industrial-grade metals on the nearby world of Arganda, Fianna and Sarpsbourg, with the company opening negotiations with the governments of these worlds to open new foundries to mitigate this issue. [2]

During the Word of Blake Jihad, Zettle expanded into the field of Retrotech BattleMech production, manufacturing a primitive variant of the Commando but also developing an entirely new design, Pathfinder.[3] While decidedly low quality when compared to many front line machines, the recon focused Pathfinder was readily snapped up by the Lyran military during the period for their militia forces, observers in 3081 expected that Zettle would not be likely to clear its backlog of orders for the Retrotech design until the early 3090s.[4]


Zettle Metals Incorporated has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Rahne:[4]
Component Type
Commando (Retrotech)[3] Light BattleMech
PFF-2 Pathfinder[4][3] Light BattleMech


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