Zoltan Osborne

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Zoltran Osborne
Affiliation Clan Blood Spirit

Zoltan Osborne (born 27?? - died 28??) was a warrior of Clan Blood Spirit during Operation Klondike.[1]


One of the loyal 800 warriors to follow Nicholas Kerensky on the Second Exodus to Strana Mechty, Zoltan Osborne fought beside his brothers and sisters on Arcadia during Operation Klondike.[1][2]

Fighting in Helgren County[edit]

Leading a patrol in the rocky wilderness of East Arcadia amidst territory held by Helgren County, MechWarrior Zoltan Osborne was accosted and challenged to a duel by no one less than the leader of the rebel faction, Sheriff Tiberius Reed. Caught between forces of Clan Steel Viper bent on his destruction for having bested them at a recent engagement at Talbot Moraine, Reed sought to surrender to the only force that would listen to diplomatic pleas. The fight was reported to have lasted no longer than 90 seconds, with Zoltan emerging victorious against Reed's Archer. Though this victory also meant the unconditional surrender of Helgren forces to Clan Blood Spirit, in reality it was a race between the two Clans to claim the spoils. Bad blood would ensue, mostly emanating from Steel Viper Khan Ellie Kinnison's jealousy in regard to the Blood Spirit victories, as well as their use of captured Helgren warriors such as Reed in their Touman.[1]


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