10th Confederation Reserve Cavalry

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Tenth Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Unit Profile (as of 2821)
Parent Formation Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Formed 2784[1]
Disbanded By 2821[2]


The Tenth Confederation Reserve Cavalry was established by the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces in 2784, based around a regiment of assorted Star League Defense Force personnel recruited from the 202nd Mechanized Infantry Division.[1] The 202nd had been a part of LIX Corps within the SLDF Twentieth Army, but the casualties taken during the Hegemony Campaign had led to the division being disbanded prior to the Exodus.[3]

The Tenth's tenure in the CCAF would be relatively short, as the Tenth was destroyed during the First Succession War.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 10th Confederation Reserve Cavalry



Composition History[edit]


Tenth Confederation Reserve Cavalry (Regular/Questionable)[2]

- At this point in time the Tenth was a light-weight regiment operating at full strength and was stationed on Corey.[2] The unit was destroyed during the war.



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