12th Vegan Rangers

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Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Parent Formation


Formed during the 1st Succession War, sometime prior to Summer 2829, by Lawrence Helmund Nelson, rightful Duke of Verde.

Nelson was inspired by the book "Eleven Against the Stars" written by Loran, a Ranger in the Vega System. Loran was one of eleven Rangers, men who plied the long lonely routes between the two inhabited planets within the system. Nelson, on the run from enemies of his family, named himself the 12th Vegan Ranger. In this guise he started to build a mercenary unit to support his struggle to reclaim his birthright. Hence the 12th Vegan Rangers were born.

The 12th Vegan Rangers live by four main codes of behavior set out in Loran's book.

  • A Ranger lives simply and honestly without delusions or manias
  • A Ranger values loyalty, but does not follow others blindly
  • A Ranger must serve people, and not corporations
  • Above all, a Ranger must be free to follow his own destiny

Nelson had a sense of purpose and charisma that allowed him to recruit the best 'Mechwarriors at a fraction of their market salary.

The 12th Vegan Rangers are most famous for their part in The Galtor Campaign on, what was then, the disputed border between the Federated Suns and the Draconis Combine.

The 12th Vegan Rangers were an important part of the thrust into Capellan territory during the Fourth Succession War and were finally stationed on four of the conquered worlds for at least four years after that.


  • Alpha Regiment defended since 3068 Raman against every attempt to conquer this planet from DCMS or Blakist sides
  • Beta Regiment had played a mayor part against the Blakist invader on New Avalon during the 1st and Second battle of New Avalon
  • Gamma Regiment were destroyed during Operation Sovereign Justice through the First and Second St. Ives Lancers on Jaipur in 3068


  • 2829 Commanding Officer Lawrence Helmund Nelson, Duke of Verde
  • 3025 Commanding Officer Commander Sheridan Douglass, Margrave of Verde
  • 3054 Commanding Officer General Tom Stancel.[1]


The Ranger's are specialized in city defense and assault tactics, Alpha Regiment can fight in any terrain.[2]

Composition History


12th Vegan Rangers (4 regiments/Elite/Reliable)

Contract: AFFS [3]
  • CO: Margrave Sheridan Douglass

By 3025, the 12th Vegan Rangers had been recently expanded to become four independent regiments.


Contract: AFFC
Alpha Regiment (Regiment/Elite/Reliable)[4]
Beta Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[4]
Gamma Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[4]
Delta Regiment (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[4]


In 3054, the 12th Vegan Rangers are listed as fielding four regiments in the Sarna March of the Federated Commonwealth, Palos Operations Area, Corey Command:

Individual Combat units

Alpha Regiment, commanded by Margrave Douglass during The Galtor Campaign, is a very traditional Elite Assault Regiment combining 'Mechs and Hover/Tracked Vehicles with independent Aerospace/Dropship support.

  • Regimental Battlegroup: 2 assault lances (elite), heavy lance (elite), 4 vehicle lances
  • Marino's Air Squadron: Heavy wing (elite), 2 Light wings (elite)
  • Hover vehicle recovery company, tracked vehicle company
  • DropShip defense company: Assault lance (veteran), medium lance (elite), support vehicles
  • Bragg's Battalion: Battalion HQ - 1 heavy lance (elite)
  • Bragg's Battalion: Cullom's Company - 2 assault lances, heavy lance (all elite)
  • Bragg's Battalion: O'Donnell's Company - 2 heavy lances (1 elite, 1 veteran), medium lance (veteran)
  • Bragg's Battalion: Summer's Company - 3 medium lances (2 veteran, 1 regular)
  • Johnston's Battalion: Battalion HQ - 1 medium lance (elite)
  • Johnston's Battalion: Brennon's Company - 1 assault lance, 2 heavy lances (all elite)
  • Johnston's Battalion: Mandell's Company - 2 heavy lances, 1 light lance (all veteran)
  • Johnston's Battalion: Dargis's Company - 3 medium lances (all veteran)
  • McCulloch's Battalion: Battalion HQ - 1 heavy lance (elite)
  • McCulloch's Battalion: Murphy's Company - 1 assault lance, 2 heavy lances (all elite)
  • McCulloch's Battalion: Kellem's Company - 1 heavy lance (veteran), 2 light lances (regular)
  • McCulloch's Battalion: O'Toole's Company - 2 medium lances (regular), 1 light lance (veteran)



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