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13th Lyran Guards

13th Lyran Guards BattleMech Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3066)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation Lyran Guards
Formed ???


Was sent to Keid around 3057 - 3058 in response to Duchess Arice Hunsen rise to power and her declaration of her loyalty to Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion and the newly formed Lyran Alliance.[1]

Somewhere between 3058 and 3062 the unit went rogue in the Chaos March.[2]

Capitulated after a six month long fight against Clifton's Rangers and Hannibal's Hermits on Keid in 3066. By using the terrain and their superior mobility, the two units outmaneuvered the heavier Lyran unit, ambushed it at every opportunity and finally captured their base.[3]



Composition HistoryEdit


Appears first in the Chaos March (sourcebook) but that seems to be a birth out of an error, simply by using a wrong number or name or even both, because there is no sign of its formation and no entry in any deployment table. In this case the unit was likely meant to be the 13th Donegal Guards as this is the only Lyran unit with the number 13 around the time of its appearance, so the "Lyran" was mixed up with "Donegal" or someone mixed thirtieth with thirteenth and the 30th Lyran Guards was meant as they were also stationed in the Chaos March. The short mentioning in the Mercenaries Supplemental seems to be an attempt to correct this error by simply destroying the unit.

The novel Double-Blind also mentions the 13th on New Home but that seems to by an error by the author as the 30th Lyran Guards was stationed on New Home not the 13th, they were on Keid.

This is also supported by the fact that in the novel the CO of the Lyran unit is mentioned as Dolores Whitman, the Chaos March (sourcebook) states that after their mutiny the CO is Delores Whitman the former Second-in-Command of the 30th Lyran Guards, despite the minor difference in the name, that could be a typo, they seem to mean one and the same person.

A mix up of the planet names is unlikely as the planetary ruler on New Home is named Shienzé, what doesn't fit with Duchess Arice Hunsen the planetary ruler of Keid. Also the New Home Regulars are mentioned as the enemy so a mix up of Keid & New Home can be surley excluded.

All this leads to the assumption that this is another mix up this time concerning the numbering.



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