210th Combine Punishment Battalion

210th Combine Punishment Battalion
Unit Profile (as of 3065)
Parent Formation DCMS

The 210th Combine Punishment Battalion was one of approximately two dozen penal units used by the DCMS.


The 210th Combine Punishment Battalion was populated by DCMS troops who were in need of additional discipline, but hadn't committed crimes worthy of execution. These units were used as labor forces for the DCMS for extremely dangerous engineering projects. They were used to drill tunnels, build bridges and road systems. In the event of an enemy raid, they were armed and sent into dangerous combat missions like disarming minefields under enemy fire.


Tai-i Alan Coles is a sadist, and enjoys inflicting pain on the prisoners under his command. The Chu-is that lead the companies are also skilled guards and rarely turn their backs on their charges lest they be killed. These officers are often guilty of crimes themselves.


The 210th has no special combat tactics, functioning as a foot infantry unit. Their APCs are never armed.

Composition History[edit]


Headquaters (Reinforced Company/Regular/Reliable)

1st Punishment Company (Dead Men Walking) (Regular/Questionable)

2nd Punishment Company (The Forgotten Ones) (Regular/Questionable)

3rd Punishment Company (The Short-Timers) (Regular/Questionable)



The 210th always suffers a -2 penalty to Initiative rolls.