39th Division (Word of Blake)

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39th Division
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname Purity of Destiny
Parent Formation Word of Blake Militia
Formed Late 3060s

Unit Description

The 39th Division was an elite "hidden" Word of Blake Militia unit that was not revealed until after the Jihad began. It was reportedly considered among the most elite of the non-Shadow Division units of the Word of Blake's military. It was part of the Word of Blake Protectorate's defense forces, specifically for Terra. It was also noted for using a high amount of Clan equipment salvaged from Outreach, Pesht, and Luthien. [1]


The unit first appeared on Thorin in 3071. For most of the early part of the war, the unit was not used against rebel factions or resistences outside of the Protectorate. The unit been rotated between worlds which are only within two jumps of Terra.[2] It also been used as a "showcase unit" to show off the best of the Word of Blake militia's forces.[3]


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The 39th Division is noted for it being one few units deploying the Raptor II BattleMechs.[4]


Game Rules

When assigning pilots to the 39th Division's deployed force, the player may roll more than once for piloting and gunnery skills. A certain percentage of elements may also be rolled on the Clan Diamond Shark, Clan Ghost Bear, and Clan Nova Cat Random Assignment Tables. A Raptor II RPT-2X or RPT-2X1 may be used to substitute for another light 'Mech, when so rolled.[5]


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