3rd Royal Guards

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Third Royal Guards
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname The Pride of Tamar[1]
Parent Formation Royal Guards

Unit Description

The Third Royal Guards was a prestigious military command for the Lyran Commonwealth, Federated Commonwealth, and the Lyran Alliance.

By 3028 the command was upgraded into a Regimental Combat Team. The unit was unique due its being only active Lyran Royal Guard unit not assigned to safeguard Tharkad, used as the Lyran high-command's "go-anywhere" trouble-shooter unit. [2]


In 2765 the LCAF High Command stationed the Third Royal Guards on Donegal, away from the Draconis Combine border. The regiment had had several "miscommunications" with the DCMS that caused tensions between the two realms to rise. By relocating them away from the border, the hope was that the situation would calm down. To coincide with the regiment's practice of using sword-fighting as a group calisthenic, the Third's commander asked the High Command to look into using melee weapons on their BattleMechs. These requests were denied as the High Command felt that physical attacks would become obsolete.[3]

The Succession Wars

The Third Royals were assigned to Coventry during the early Succession Wars.

Operation Freedom

During the early Third Succession War, the Archon Eric Steiner launched his military campaign to retake worlds lost to the Draconis Combine in February 2913.

Archon Eric Steiner personally took command of the 3rd Royal Guards on Freedom, one of the first target worlds of Operation Freedom.

Through skillful maneuvering and strong attacks, the 3rd Royals pushed two battalions of the elite 6th Sword of Light into a seacliff valley, which was shaped of a horseshoe. The 3rd Royals immediately blocked the valley's only entry before the Kurita-forces even noticed their despaired situation. The Guards' artillery units pounded into the valley until the barrels of the Long Tom and Sniper artillery glowed from overuse. The three day bombardment left the two battalions of the 6th Sword of Light all but destroyed. The Archon lead his forces personally into the now moon crated valley to confirm the destruction of Kurita forces. However, when he entered the valley, the Archon's Zeus stumbled on Vibromines, which destroyed his 'Mech, killing him.[4][5]

In 2995 Alonzo Barrett, a member of the 3rd Royal Guards, resigned to form a new command - a command that would become known as the mercenary unit Barrett's Fusiliers.[6]

Conflicts on Summer & Hesperus

In 3005, the elements of the 3rd Royals fought off an attack on the residence of the Duke of Summer on Summer, which was conducted by House Kurita forces. They found, that the Duke had been killed and his heir, Aldo Lestrade IV, who had been injured during the fighting.[7]

In 3019, the unit was dispatched to Hesperus II to defend the world against the invading Wolf's Dragoons mercenaries in service of House Marik. The defending Lyran units finally stopped the elite mercenary brigade in their tracks, though the Dragoons came very close to their objective.[8][9][10]

Operation Gotterdammerung

The unit was deployed to Port Moseby prior the Fourth Succession War. During the 4th Succession War, the unit invaded Buckminster.


In August 3028, 3rd Royal Guards and 39 other regiments arrived in Buckmister system, where they encountered Kurita AeroSpace forces. The Royal's massive RCT landed on the Lexham Island just off the coast of continent of Sanjusendo. From the large island, Lt. General Steiner deployed the 1st Provisional Lyran Water Navy which provided escort for Royals and their other regiment in two amphibious assaults it conducted on Sanjusendo.

While some of Royal's infantry and tank regiments assaulted westerly Yeloff Peninsula to draw way some of the Kurita forces, the Royal Guard's 'Mechs walked shallow seabed assault Coloa Peninsula to the north.

The after taking the undefended peninsula, the 3rd Royals split into two sub-regiments proceeded to north Cord Mountains. The unit with its supporting regiments fended off ambushes as they moved to the city of Pontiac.

At the city, General Steiner detached Heavy 'Mech company with 14 other conventional regiments to take Pontiac while main body of his invasion force proceeded further into the continent. Pontiac's defending forces consisting of Heavy 'Mech company from 2nd Sword of Light and trio of both tanks and infantry fended off Royals' attempt to subdue the city. The defender's artillery unit, proved to accurate to allow easy battle. To put down the artillery, commanders called in Royal's Aerospace fighters’ strike against Kurita’s guns turn the tide for Lyran forces.

By October, Royal RCT's had made it way over the plains of Sanjusendo to mountains of Sunder's Pass and Greenson Pass. The 2nd Sword of Light's commanding officer, General Goshi Tengwan, was no longer hesitant on where invasion force was going to go, deployed his forces in the mountains. This presented the 3rd Royal RCT serious challenge of the campaign. Lt. General Steiner fearing prolonged fight in the mountains would allow for Kurita forces to arrive, he dispatched call to have the Elvidner deployed to Buckminster. The Elvidner, a special DropShip force, consisting of Fortress Class vessels, were deployed in the mountains where they used their special mounted Long Tom artillery guns bombard enemy forces. However, many of the Kurita less experienced militia forces were sent into panic as artillery of the Dropships begun fall. This even caused many of General Tengwan's veteran units to bolt as Lyran ground forces begun press the attack. Battles of the Passes proved to victory for the Royals, with Kurita survivors falling back to planet's capital, Buckminster City.

Week after the battles concluded, the 6th Arkab Legion dropped on planet to reinforce the beleaguered Kurita forces. Without additional reinforcements, Roman Steiner, had to conduct delaying tactics using his Lightning Companies, hovercraft units, and the Elvidner. On December 2nd, 20th Arcturan Guards, arrive on planet use their heavier BattleMechs to turn tied battle for Lyran forces favor. The Royals and Arcturans cut off the lighter Arkab Legion forces in their attempt to link up with forces held up in Buckminster City forcing them retreat to north. During fighting with the 6th Arkab, General Tengwan, ordered construction of fortification in defense of the city and had evacuated important personnel and documents via Aerospace craft.

Taking advantage of the situation, the 3rd Royals Aerospace Fighters conduct sorties over the city where they bombed its defenders. In addition to the 1st Provisional Lyran Water Navy's arrival to help complete the blockading of the city later in month.[11]

The siege of the city had gone to last four months. In June 3029, Lt. General Steiner, ordering the assault of the city. Steiner feeling that 2nd Sword and its other forces had was low enough on supplies to allow for improved chances for victory.

The 3rd Royals enter the city first, with 20th Arcturans and other regiments behind them. However, in order commit enough forces to the attack, Steiner leaves light screen force to keep eye on Legion to the north. As the Royals pushed into city itself, they were ambushed by infantry forces hidden in the buildings of the city. The Kurita forces took advantage of 'Mechs lack maneuvering in tight city quarters. This slowed down the Royals greatly, and Legion launches a break out once Lyran turn their backs on them. The Royals were force turn back some of its forces to assist Arcturans whose rear-operating areas had came under attack by the Legion. This signal attack by 2nd Sword's 'Mech forces and in turn route remaining Royal units in the city. Three days of fighting forced the Royals and its other allied units to high ground. With no hope now to take the city, General Steiner order withdrawal of Lyran forces from the planet.[12]

War of 3039

During the War of 3039, the unit was moved to Freedom to provide defense during the conflict.[13]

Conflict on Northwind

In 3057, the 3rd Royals were thrown into conflict with the Northwind Highlanders by their commander, Marshal Bradford. Despite their skill, in the course of the fighting to keep Northwind as part of the Federated Commonwealth, Third were all-but-destroyed by the angry Highlanders. Most of the troops from the Royals are repatriated and ultimately leave the Commonwealth for the newly formed Lyran Alliance. There they form the core of new 3rd Royal Guards by order of Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion.[14] [2]

Operation Bulldog

The unit was partially rebuilt by the time it was sent to partipate in 2nd Star League's Operation Bulldog in 3058. The unit was teamed with 11th Alshain Avengers[15] and ComStar forces to retake Avon. In the battle with Clan Smoke Jaguar's 1st Jaguar Guards and Beta Galaxy's Command Trinary off planet, elements of the Third mistook Clan Nova Cat forces for Jaguars, destroying several small units. This nearly caused hostiles to breakout between two allied forces. Only the timely intervention of the Com Guard 198th Division[16] commander prevented outright fighting between Clan allies and the 3rd Royals. After Bulldog's conclusion the Third received heavy criticism from the SLDF for its performance on Avon, which thanks to deteriorating relations between the Alliance and the SLDF, the LAAF High Command largely chose to ignore. [17] [2]

FedCom Civil War

After Bulldog, the newly rebuilding 3rd Royals were deployed to Port Moseby, close to the disputed Lyons Thumb. Given the units' overzealous and aggressive nature, many expected the Third to blunder into conflict against the Draconis Combine elements in the Thumb, only for tensions between the Katherine and Victor Steiner-Davion to errupt into the FedCom Civil War first. [2] [17]

Relocating from Port Moseby to Dalkeith, the Third Royal Guards arrived to reinforce the 13th Donegal Guards as they faced the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry.[18] After the Fourth DLC was reinforced by the 4th Davion Guards the two Federated Suns units drew the LAAF forces on a chase across the continent of Dalkeith. The Third overran a small Allied delaying force at Point du Raz, only to discover that the AFFS units had withdrawn to another continent.[19] Pursuing the pro-Victor forces, they were joined by the 5th Alliance Guards. The Third Royals feinted towards the Fourth DLC position, while the Fifth Alliance Guards hit the Allied units. However, the DLC used the time to set up a large minefield via artillery. When the Third Royal Guard units tried to extract themselves from the minefields, artillery from the Federated Suns units pounded down on them. By the time the Third Royals were out of the trap, they had lost a quarter of their strength.[20] After regrouping for a few days, the Third Royals prepared to assault the lines of the Fourth Davion Guards. They were completely unprepared for the Fourth Davion Guards to launch their own attack, and the Royal Guards collapsed. Despite losing unit cohesion, the skilled warriors of the Third inflicted much more damage than they received, destroying the Fourth Davion Guards.[21]

Remaining stationed on Dalkeith, the survivors of the Third rebuilt their unit yet again, but bitterness at the unit's isolated posting preventing them from accessing the largess provided to the other equally battered Royal Guard units raised questions to its loyalty to new Archon Peter Steiner-Davion. [22]


Compared to the intense involvement of the 1st and 2nd Royal Guards during the Word of Blake occupation of Tharkad during the Jihad, the still recovering Third played at best a supporting role and was deployed a reserve force for many combat operations in the Lyran realm. Eventually falling back to recently recaptured Coventry to rebuild, a full battalion from the Qanatir MTM was transferred into the Third to help recoup its losses, much to the resentment of its older and more established troops. Even with this addition, by 3079 the unit was only at half strength. [23]

In 3085, the unit had two BattleMech battalions and the full complement of supporting forces that formed a Regimental Combat Team. The friction that existed between the newly transferred members and the old hands passed, leaving the Third in good shape on Tharkad to rebuild.[24]

Dark Age

The Third Royal Guard was stationed on Sargasso when the Jade Falcons jumped over the Commonwealth border. The Third fought a multi-planet withdrawal towards Tharkad, fighting the Clan all the way. When they arrived on Tharkad in 3142 they were at just over twenty percent of their nominal strength. Archon Trillian ordered the Third to travel to Hesperus II to put up a strong show of force that fooled Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Hell's Horses into thinking that the world was heavily defended.[25] Their presence was a gambit to keep the two Clans on the world until forces from Clan Wolf arrived and savaged both the Falcons and the Horses. The Third then took up a garrison on Donegal, with selected elements of the Third forming part of the garrison on Tharkad.[26]


In 2765 the Third was commanded by Colonel Yuri Edwards-Maison.[3]

As of 3025, the commanding officer was Leutnant-General Roman Steiner.[27]

As of 3050 to 3054, the commanding officer was Marshal Harrison Bradford[28][29]

As of 3062 to 3067, the commanding officer was Leutnant-General Kathy Parks.[17][30] She was still in command of the unit in 3085 after the Jihad.[31]

In 3145 the commanding officer is Hauptmann-General Angela Barns.[32]


The unit utilizes innovative and unorthodox tactics to keep opposition forces off guard. Its also uses its Aerospace forces

Composition History


Third Royal Guards (Elite/Fanatical)[27]

  • CO: Leutnant-General Roman Steiner


Third Royal Guards RCT (4 Battalions/Elite) (not including Support Battalion Headquarters unit)[33]


Third Royal Guards RCT (Elite/Fanatical)[34]


Third Royal Guards RCT (Elite/Fanatical)[28][29]

  • CO: Marshal Harrison Bradford


Third Royal Guards RCT (BattleMech Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical)[17][30]

  • CO: Leutnant-General Kathy Parks

Third Royal Guards Aerospace Brigade[17][30]

  • CO: Kaptain Noelle Millward
    • 17th Tharkan Aerospace
    • 101st Tharkan Aerospace Wing
    • 31st Royal Guard Wing
    • 49th Royal Guard Wing

Third Royal Guards Armor Brigade (3 Regiments/Veteran/Fanatical)[17][30]

  • 6th Royal PR - CO: Colonel Michael Peake
  • 4th Royal Tharkad LT - CO: Colonel Tomoko Mendez
  • *9th Port Moresby LT - CO: Colonel Abraham Ju'Pierre

Third Royal Guards Infantry Brigade (4 Regiments/Veteran/Fanatical)[17][30]

  • CO: Colonel Fuchsia Ball
  • Aide: Leutnant-Colonel Chuck Zeus
  • 8th Royal Tharkad LI(R) - CO: Colonel Peter Sanders
  • 9th Royal Tharkad LI(R) - CO: Colonel Alice Rossini
  • 6th Royal Tharkad MRT - CO: Colonel Jacqueline D'Herve
  • 19th Port Moresby JR - CO: Colonel Rei Sanchez


Third Royal Guards (Veteran/Fanatical) [23]


Third Royal Guards RCT (Veteran/Fanatical)[31]

  • CO: Leutnant-General Kathry Parks

Third Royal Aerospace (Veteran/Fanatical)[31]

  • CO: Kaptain Thomas Wiegand

Third Royal Armor Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[31]

  • CO: Colonel Humbert Suaird

Third Royal Infantry Brigade (Elite/Fanatical)[31]

  • CO: Colonel Karpos Regenbogen


Third Royal Guards RCT (Veteran/Fanatical)[32]

  • CO: Hauptmann-General Angela Barns

Third Royal Aerospace (Veteran/Fanatical)[32]

  • CO: Kommandant Anna Bell

Third Royal Armor Brigade (Regular/Fanatical)[32]

  • CO: Colonel Anthony Howard

Third Royal Infantry Brigade (Veteran/Reliable)[32]

  • CO: Colonel Joshua Garcia


Game Rules

In Field Manual: Lyran Alliance the unit is receives A Rate Equipment and all units are rated at the veteran skilled level.

Aerospace pilots receive -1 to all their piloting rolls when conducting special atmospheric special maneuvers.

The 3rd Royals while using Force Specific rules for scenarios gains a +1 inititive bonus for every four units that do not move onto the map at the start of scenario. At end of each turn, the controlling player rolls 2D6. At result of equal or lower than turn that is currently in play, the withheld 'Mech may enter map from the controlling player's home map edge.[35]


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