41st Avalon Hussars

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41st Avalon Hussars BattleMech Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Nickname Restless Spirit
Parent Formation Avalon Hussars
Formed Unknown


[edit] History

[edit] Formation

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[edit] 4th Succession War

Prior to the Fourth Succession War the 41st was based on David. They were deployed elsewhere during the start of the Fourth Succession War, and the 12th Deneb Light Cavalry garrisoned David. The 41st returned to David, and helped the 12th Deneb Light Cavalry drive the 9th Dieron Regulars off-world.[1]

[edit] War of 3039

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[edit] Clan Invasion

The 41st was destroyed on Planting during the Clan Invasion.[2] They avoided using static defenses, instead luring elements of Clan Wolf's Beta Galaxy into a series of ambushes that inflicted heavy losses. The Hussars were so successful that the Clan commander had to break his bid to destroy the unit.[3]

[edit] Operation Guerrero

After Operation Guerrero, Victor Steiner-Davion ordered the reconstitution of the 41st. They took up station on Benet III. Unfortunately they didn't receive much in the way of support from the High Command after Katherine Steiner-Davion took power. Instead of the standard supporting regiments common to an RCT, the 41st only had two battalions of armor support and a single wing of AeroSpace Fighters.[2]

[edit] Operation Bulldog

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[edit] Civil War

During the FedCom Civil War, they were destroyed on Benet III by the 5th Donegal Guards.[4] They tried to maintain a guerrilla war against the 5th Donegal, but they had no support from the population.[5]

[edit] Jihad

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[edit] Officers

In 3025 the commanding officer of the unit is Marshal Kenney Graham.[6]

The commander of the 41st in 3050 was Hauptmann General Ivan Terokopf.[7]

As of 3062 the commanding officer is General Laura Hamilton.[2]

[edit] Tactics

The 41st Avalon Hussars had no tactical specialties.[2]

[edit] Composition History

[edit] 3025

41st Avalon Hussars RCT (Regular/Reliable)[6]

CO: Marshal Kenney Graham

[edit] 3040

41st Avalon Hussars RCT (Regular/Reliable)[8]

[edit] 3050

41st Avalon Hussars RCT (Regular/Reliable)[7]

[edit] 3062

41st Avalon Hussars (1 Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[2]

CO: General Laura Hamilton
Aide: Leftenant General Julius Gramstad
- Mostly FedSuns 'Mechs, and two full Companies of OmniMechs

41st Avalon Hussars Armor Auxiliary (2 Battalions/Veteran/Unreliable)[2]

CO: Leftenant General Julius Gramstad
  • 2717th Robinson Armored Grenadiers - Leftenant General: Jacobus Pillay
  • 512th Federation Artillery Battery - Major: Ivars Sodager

1001st Federation Aerospace (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)[2]

CO: Major Fred "Highbail" Parneau

[edit] Notes

[edit] References

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